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I’m Loving

2015 February 15
by Becky

Getting out the door in the morning is rough. I’d rather grab a few more minutes of morning snuggle time with the boys then actually get up with time to make myself presentable. Though I’ve no one to impress but Ethan’s teachers, my girl friends, and the happy Target employees, it still feels better when I try…just a little. Add in my post-baby body, recent birthday, and wish to get more than a day’s worth of good hair out of a wash—some upgrading in the beauty department were necessary. Nothing over the top, just some long overdue essentials I’ve come to love.

Thought I’d share.

Beauty-Products1. After reading about so many friends using Clarisonic, I did some research and found this little Olay Pro-X Advanced to be very comparable and WAY cheaper. I’ve been using it since Christmas and find it makes skin smoother while helping lotions and night creams work even better. At $20 I think it’s a great addition to my routine.

2. In my quest to make my at-home blow-out last longer than a day, I read about this Boar Bristle Brush and now don’t know how I’ve lived without one. Even Ethan is loving this ouch-free silkiness this brush gives our fine, full heads of hair. My post-baby hair is falling out by the handful but this brush is gentle while boosting shine and reviving second day styles. I learned a lot about brushes here.

3. I don’t know if this Specific Beauty Skin Brightening Serum actually brightens my skin, but I’m totally convinced it’s making my pores smaller and less noticeable. I’ve battled oily skin and big pores my whole life so this is like a miracle cream. Is it the retinol? The licorice? Whatever, it works. Con: it’s expensive and doesn’t last long. So if anyone knows a cheaper or longer-lasting version of this magic, please share.

4. Another brush. This one, an Ibiza Round Brush, is to get a good initial blow out, more body and lasting shine in my hair. It glides right through my very fine locks, no snags or breaking. And it’s yet to get stuck…that’s happened before with other brushes. I do the whole sectioning off process, usually with Finn supervising from his newborn lounger, and once complete my hair looks smooth longer. Plus I swear this brush makes drying go faster. ANYTHING to make drying go faster is worth the $$.

5. I feel like half of these products are about my hair, but hey, there’s a lot of it. I finally replaced my cheapy hair dryer with this much nicer Elchim Hair Dryer and it’s just one more thing that speeds up the hair routine. I’ve learned the pointy nose attachment at the end is key in a good blow-out. Again, Ethan benefits from this product too! Same hair, same problems. And he looks so much cuter when he doesn’t sleep on wet hair.

6. I don’t need to explain why I need this super supportive Anita Sport Bra at this point. Now that I’m actually getting back to the gym, this bra has been an incredible addition to my workout gear, boosting confidence in my dry-fit wardrobe. Uni-boob is a thing of the past! It’s actually the most comfortable sports bra I’ve ever owned.

7. My at-home pedicures are much easier with this Microplane, it makes the tough, winter-sock-hidden hooves feel like butta. Used once a month, this keeps things under control without me having to keep Finn happy while I “relax” through a real pedicure.

8. The heels look 10x better when I use scary strong ProLinc Callus Eliminator. My friend Maddie swore by it and she doesn’t lie. Five minutes of this stuff, then the microplane, and it’s almost like I spent an hour having my feet pampered. Almost. Minus the massage chair and trashy magazines.

So that’s what’s keeping me from hiding under a rock. Thank you Amazon for making it possible to shop from the comfort of my couch or things would really be rough around here.




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