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Holiday Prep

2014 December 7
by Becky


Right now I should be sleeping while the baby sleeps, but really, who does that?

These pictures just couldn’t wait…if it weren’t for the blog I would have 484,345 pictures waiting in the wings to be edited, and that’s something nightmares are made of. Someday soon, I keep telling myself, this stuff won’t be so difficult to do.

It’s been all holiday, all the time around here and the boys are loving it. Well, Ethan’s loving it, Finn just wants to eat. Ethan has been enjoying his daily christmas countdown surprise which the exception of day 5, which Dewey ate. So much for including a few chocolate coins in the bags! Ethan has also enjoyed repeatedly moving each ornament on the big tree as well as his little tree, and  he talks about how Santa will be bringing a Lego table and “baby fighter jets.” And some RescueBots, but which ones he wants varies by the day.



Seriously, how could Santa refuse this face?

(Good thing Santa can’t hear Ethan say, “Nope!” every time he’s asked to do something. Pretty sure coal would be on the gift list…)

What exactly are “baby fighter jets?” Ethan’s buddy Max has a whole bag of them and on a recent play date Ethan fell in love. The toys are actually “vintage” Micro Machines (here’s the commercial to jog your memory) that “Santa” spent hours finding and bidding on via eBay since they aren’t made anymore. Between these and a few childhood puzzles and games my parents brought on their last trip here, Ethan will be opening quite a few throw-backs to the 1980’s this Christmas.


Along with our holiday prep, we’ve been watching Finn grow by the minute. He hits the six week mark on Tuesday and last week’s clothes are too small this week. He’s heavier by the day. His awake time is increasing and we’re seeing a little personality in those dark blue eyes.



The matching Christmas jammies are from Hanna Andersson, I couldn’t resist. Finding matching clothes in sizes 3 months and 4T proved remarkably difficult.

Stu’s mom spent the weekend with us to catch up with Ethan and meet her new grandson, so we scheduled breakfast with Santa at the Zoo on Saturday morning. Ethan was ecstatic about the characters and, of course, Santa, but Finn got in on the action too, staying awake the entire time.

We’d never seen him so alert.


And while it seemed totally ridiculous to attempt an interaction between an almost-six-week-old and a giant Frosty the Snowman, after this happened…


…this happened.


HUGE, non-gas related smiles. We were dying. It must have been Frosty’s giant carrot nose that got Finn going, it was absolutely adorable. After two days of wondering if those really could be happy baby smiles already appearing on our tiny guy’s face, we were convinced.

Both boys enjoyed lots of Grandma snuggle and play time. Ethan dragged Linda to his third floor lair play room countless times to show her his masterful Duplo Lego building skills and they broke out my old New Kids On The Block cassette for some jams.


I love how much Ethan loves his family. His genuine affection and attachment is priceless.

At this rate, I’ll get around to posting again when Finn is crawling. Our schedule has been very out of whack with Ethan sick and missing two days of school last week (rough) and Finn’s nursing needs constantly changing, but I hope this week is better.  We have doctors appointments, holiday cards and birth announcements to mail out, gifts to pick up, and some friends to catch up with plus Ethan’s birthday party prep and our yearly video to complete (I’m not even close), all before we travel to California…good thing I have about five minutes of non-nursing, child-free time in my day.

One thing I won’t be doing this year? Holiday baking. I strangely don’t even have the desire.

Hope everyone is getting out and enjoying some of the awesome holiday events in St. Louis (or wherever you may live!). Here’s a great list I’ve been checking often.

I leave you with my favorite holiday lights display to date…it’s worth a watch.

5 Responses
  1. Elizabeth permalink
    December 8, 2014

    Finn’s smile is adorable! Leave it to a random snowman! Luca saved his first smiles for Mark and his crazy hair :) Merry Christmas!

  2. Kristan permalink
    December 8, 2014

    Cannot believe how much Quinn and Ethan are still alike! It’s ALL about Rescuebots and Legos (duplos really) right now! Love those 4year old boys ??

  3. December 8, 2014

    Ethan looks so excited for Christmas!!! Love Finn’s smile. Can’t believe those decorated houses. Really looking forward to Ethan’s birthday and seeing our “big” baby boy.

  4. Linda Johnson permalink
    December 9, 2014

    Miss Lego time with Ethan and snuggle time with Finn. What a fun trip I had with my grandson’s.

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