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Holiday Card and Our 2015 Family Photos

2015 December 21
by Becky

Though it’s not a bit cold, it’s beginning to feel like Christmas. All the presents are wrapped and hidden in the unfinished part of our basement, this year being probably the last we’ll be able to easily hide them from Ethan as he’s almost discovered them several times already. Birthday party planning/creating is 95% finished, meaning I’ll be able to relax starting Wednesday when our family begins to arrive…it will be a full house this year.

And each day I check the mail, I’m overjoyed to find large envelopes of all colors, addressed to the whole family. I barely make it through the door before opening them, excited to see our friends and family smiling back at me. I love making and receiving holiday cards. There’s something so final, so year-ending, a closure of some sort that assures me everyone is happy, everyone is together.

Here’s ours.


While I love any card, that touchpoint of long lost friends, seeing their new baby or finding out they’ve moved (and rushing to put their new address in my phone…anyone dares throw those envelopes away, they pay the price) but my absolutely favorites are whole-family pictures. Even if it’s just a casual shot from a night in the back yard, I love to see everyone.

I use holiday cards as my excuse to keep up with our family photos, ones that include ALL of us (aka, me too). These shoots tend to happen more often when a little one is involved, they change so fast, so I’m grateful to have a few friends who do this for a living. This fall my friend and neighbor Lindsey of Sweet Monday Photography offered mini-sessions and I jumped at the offer. We headed to one of our favorite places, Forest Park, to capture this moment in our lives.





I love how she captured the boys, no posing or pressure, just them as they are. Finn’s scrunchy little nose smile, Ethan hamming it up as he does to anyone at any time. Plus leaves. I love fall leaves, they make the perfect backdrop to anything.




See more of Lindsey’s work on her website, get ready to drool over a few (all) of the weddings she’s had the opportunity to shoot. She’s the most wonderful person with the cutest family—our boys are exactly the same ages—and I think her talent is incredible.

It’s always a little stressful getting dressed for these events, I’m constantly trying to pull some accessory or clothing item out of oblivion, just sure picture day is the day to give it a go. No matter how many times we do this, I always realize it doesn’t matter what we wear as long as everyone is natural and happy…and you have someone amazing clicking the button.

If you’ve sent us a card, it’s displayed in our kitchen until I begrudgingly take it down a couple weeks after Christmas. I love seeing your smiling faces every day! Then those pictures decorate my contacts list by doing this…makes them last a little longer.

I’ve got an exciting post about the new Magic House Wonder Works exhibit almost written so stay tuned for that, but in case it’s not done in time, I’ll say have a wonderful holiday!!

3 Responses
  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    December 22, 2015

    Beautiful photo’s! I cannot wait to see you all in person.

  2. December 22, 2015

    Tomorrow is the day!!! Packed and ready to go.

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