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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

2012 February 14
by Becky

Similar to my feelings on Halloween, I’m not a big believer in Valentine’s Day.

In fact, Stu NEVER gets me anything for this “Hallmark Holiday” because he knows that if he does, he’s in trouble. This used to cause him some greif, as he always wondered if I really didn’t want anything or I was just saying I didn’t want anything. There was the occasional panic-at-the-last-minute flower arrangement sent to my place of work in the early days of our relationship, but now we just skip it.

But when you have kids, there is nothing cuter then celebrating every stinkin’ holiday if for nothing other then dressing them up in something uber-embarrassing adorable. I couldn’t wait to make Ethan a holiday onesie! I even made one for his favorite Valentine, our neighbor Lyla.

Ethan got a little fresh, trying to hold Lyla’s hand (according to this picture anyway), but Lyla wanted none of it…she’s not that kinda girl. The Peanut DID, however, get a kiss from his other buddy…

P-U doggy breath!!

Grandma Schon is visiting this week (hence the blog silence, we’ve been busy!) and she was sure to bring along a special Valentine gift for the Little Man—a new Pat The Bunny book since our 30 year old hand-me-down copy had to be tossed. His favorite part of the book is sticking his finger in “mommy’s ring”.

Making holiday onesies/t-shirts are some of my favorite projects. They are cute, look homemade (in a good way) and are much cheaper then the stiff embroidered ones available for $20 in stores. Oh, and they don’t say “Mommy’s Favorite Valentine” or “Daddy’s Little Heart Throb” (why does every onesie have to SAY something like that?!).

There are many ways to do this, I’m sure, but for anyone like me, who isn’t an accomplished sewer (or if you don’t even own a machine), this is how I make them:

  • I lay out the letters on my computer (I use InDesign, but Word would work too), make them the size I want (this usually takes a some measurements and/or a test print or two), and then trace them on freezer paper.
  • Cut out the freezer paper letters, iron on fabric of your choice—scraps usually work great! Cut fabric around freezer paper and discard paper.
  • I use hemming tape (stitch witchery, any iron-on adhesive) to attach the letters securely to the shirt.
  • I use a contrasting thread to do a basic, wide stitch around the edges of the letters (or heart, in this case).

Voila! You have yourself a cute, custom holiday shirt. I’ve done this for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and will be doing it for St. Patrick’s Day…stay tuned.

Hope you all had a very romantic day with your favorite sweetheart(s)! Anyone else do a fun Valentine project for their kiddos?


3 Responses
  1. February 15, 2012

    Glad you all had a wonderful Valentine’s.
    Ethan and Lyla make a cute couple.
    Farley and I watched Martha Stewart dog Chow Chow win the best of show at Madison Square Garden….were we excited?
    and Farley wanted to know how Stu and Dewey liked his Pugs & Kisses card.
    Love the B log.

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