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Happy First Birthday Finn!!

2015 November 4
by Becky


It happened! We celebrated our boy’s first birthday last Sunday, the day after Halloween, and it was totally perfect. We hosted a small brunch for our family and a few close friends, small but definitely a party. After over a week of allergy eyes and a constatly runny nose—symptoms I hoped would not culminate in an ear infection the morning of his party—Finn rallied for the big day. To make things even more amazing, the “icing on the cake” if you will, our weather was spectacular. Sunny, warm, blue skies. My dreams of opening the doors and being outside were a reality.



We kept it pretty simple, using the colors and theme of his nursery one more time to make a few decorations, some delicious cakes from one of our favorite bakeries, and the usual brunch food—egg and sausage casserole, pastries, fruit, mimosas—otherwise it was mostly play time for Finn, Ethan, and their buddies.


Ok sure, I had plenty of party prep, as is my norm. It’s almost my coping mechanism to spend hours making buntings, cake toppers, high chair banners, and—finally—one of those sweet lantern/pom pom clusters I’m always coveting in party pics. It covered an unpainted spot on our wall that’s usually hidden by a picture, so really it was doing double duty.

We turned on the bubble machine and let the kids loose on the swing set while the parents enjoyed a few libations, because brunch isn’t brunch without them.


I played the part of obnoxious mommy by dragging everyone into our living room for the unveiling of Finn’s one year video. It’s our yearly tradition to do a yearly video recap, but this time Finn gets his own, just like Ethan did when he turned one. Good thing my friends know me so well and were actually excited to watch it—all 6.5 minutes. I’m not out to torture anyone!


The kids were adorable, totally riveted by all the cute Finn footage. Though I’ve seen the video 857 times in the making, it still had me on the brink of an ugly cry, watching my baby grow up so fast. I held it together. Barely.

And now for your viewing pleasure…

(I’ll be adding birthday cake smashing videos to this later…when I regain the will to open iMovie. Could be a while.)

Then it was time to smash some cake. Finn is no stranger to sugar. His brother didn’t have a drop till his first birthday, but it’s hard to keep the good stuff away from a second child, so he was ready to dig in. His cake was a simple yet delectable vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream frosting, on top of which I stuck a chocolate “1” for extra edible fun.



Finn was elated by the crowd singing Happy Birthday in unison, all eyes on him. And though he was excited, it still took him a few minutes to realize, “Hey, they WANT me to make a mess!!” Plus he was pretty confused as to why we were all standing there staring at him. Lots of pressure. But big brother and buddies were there to help him get some smashing confidence.




Did I mention he NEVER looked at the camera? He just couldn’t take his eyes off the cake. (There were a few stolen glances at Auntie Kate who was sneaking him bites of chocolate cake from the sidelines, grass is always greener…)

He may not have had a clue as to what was really going on, but our little man had a good time playing and filling his belly with sweet confection, and we sure had a great time watching. Birthday parties for one year olds feel a little silly, but, in my opinion, are mostly just an excuse to surround your baby with people who love him and take fun pictures to make the day memorable for everyone. Hey, as parents we got him to this point so don’t we deserve a little party time too?


Finn is already acting more like a toddler every day since his birthday bash. We can’t wait to see what things excite him the most through this second year because before we know it, birthday number two will be looming and we’ll need a great theme.

I’m going to pretend like there’s no pressure to top Ethan’s second birthday…I’ll be lying to myself of course.

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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    November 6, 2015

    Love the video!! I still cannot believe Finn is one!
    Looks like he enjoyed that birthday cake and Ethan looks so grown up in his short hair cut.
    Looking forward to seeing you all for Ethan’s birthday..

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