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Happiest Holidays!!!

2013 December 25
by Becky

Family Christmas Morning

Our family is hoping you are having a wonderful morning with your loved ones. Ours has been quiet, calm, and at the same time so exciting. Ethan woke up amped to find out if Santa had paid us a visit. The cookies and milk gone, presents under the tree…he said, “I knew it!” and has been playing with his adorable new toys ever since.

All of our research and searching time was worth it…the gifts we chose for Ethan’s third Christmas seem to be perfect for him. Lots of learning toys, things to develop his fine motor skills, most with problem-solving components, and all tons of fun. Check out my list of gift recommendations to read about a few.

I also wanted to share this year’s Christmas card.


In November I asked my very talented friend from jobs past, Adam Fischer, to snap a few family shots in our expansive neighborhood green space, Tower Grove Park. So he and his very adorably pregnant wife met us on a pretty darn cold day—the last weekend of beautiful fall color—and worked quickly to snap shots of us playing in the leaves.

He captured our family to a “t”.

It was of course impossible to choose the best shot…we debated these two as well.

Family Fall Leaves Picture Christmas Card

I’m a firm believer in having the whole family on Christmas cards…I know I want to see my friends as well as their kids, so I try to do the same and putting the Ethan-only shot on the front went against my holiday card “requirements.”

But holy cow it’s cute and captures his personality perfectly, I was tempted.

We changed things up a bit this year and included a second side with a little year in review.


I love fall leaves pictures so much, they just scream “Happy Holidays!!” And we had such beautiful fall colors in St. Louis this year. Taking our yearly pictures in whatever neighborhood we’re living in at the time has become tradition as well.

This was our first real family photo shoot since Ethan came home from the hospital exactly three years ago. Usually I find a way to swap picture taking with friends like this card from two years ago.

family holiday card, family photo card, fall family photo
Or last year we used the remote to take our own picture.


No matter who’s shooting, we try to take things too seriously clothes or hair or pose wise. Nothing formal or trying to be too “perfect”. We’re far from perfection so why not let the real us shine through in our yearly greeting?

I love holiday cards. Seeing those smiling faces looking back at us makes our holiday season that much brighter…especially when it’s been months and too often years since we’ve seen some of the senders in person. Thanks to all our friends and family who share them with us.

Hoping your day, week, month, year is wonderful and filled with peace and joy!




3 Responses
  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    December 26, 2013

    Merry Christmas Stu, Becky and Ethan. I love your Holiday cards and this years is just as beautiful as the last two. The expression on Ethan’s face in this years card is adorable!! And I love his coat!

    Happy New Year’s to you all and hope to see you soon.

  2. December 26, 2013

    Cute! I’m planning a trip to STL to see e’erbody and would love to meetcha! I might co-opt the Royale’s derby party as my own!

    • Becky permalink*
      December 26, 2013

      Yes!! I would love that! And the Royale is amazing, plus it’s about two seconds from my house. Keep me posted!

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