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Trick or Treat! Ethan’s Second Halloween

2012 November 2
by Becky

After a week of building up the holiday of which I’ve never been a true fan, it finally happened…Halloween.

Ethan was a turtle!!!

His costume was AWESOME. Grandma Patti got it for him at my favorite consignment shop, 529 Kids Consign. We’ve been putting it on at least once a day for the last week…good thing it works over just about any clothing.

He LOVES turtles, so when we found this costume it blew any other costume ideas out of the water. Comfy, warm, the perfect size…it was made for The Peanut. He wasn’t super thrilled about wearing the hat part at first, but I told him in order to get candy, he had to wear it—he couldn’t get it on fast enough.

Last year Ethan was a chicken—scratch that, he was an ADORABLE chicken—but he really had no clue what was going on.  We didn’t even talk about candy, we just carried him around Lee Street and pointed out kids in costumes, just basking in the cuteness that was our costumed child.

Last year’s costume, yet another consignment store score

What’s Lee Street? Well, it’s only the most amazing Trick or Treating street in Virginia! But I’ll get back to that later…

Every day for the weeks before the actual holiday, we inundated Ethan with Halloween information. We talked about and did all sorts of activities involving candy, costumes, ghosts, witches, pumpkins, the carving of pumpkins, how to say “trick or treat!”, saying “thank you”, and the general rules of trick or treating.

We even practiced. He would get his pumpkin bucket and come up to me, Stu, or the grandparents and say “Trick or Treat!” to be rewarded with a couple jelly beans. We wanted him to be ready!

I think after all the dry runs, Ethan was fairly skeptical when we headed out for the actual Halloween adventure. We walked two blocks East to participate in an Old Town tradition I mentioned above—Lee Street Halloween. It is block after block of charming, beautiful, historic houses who’s owners are graciously handing out cauldrons (seriously!!!) of candy. The whole street is roped off and completely full of cute kids running from house to house. Even better, most candy-givers were sitting on their front steps, eliminating the issue of climbing up to the doors. It’s a little kid Halloween mecca.

I’m the hare…you know, the tortoise and the hare? 

Ethan figured things out pretty darn quick. He’d walk up, quietly say “Trick or treat” (see video above) and search the out stretched bowl for M&Ms, settling for anything else if they weren’t available. Then he’d throw the candy in his pumpkin bucket. It didn’t take long for him to start requesting we “Open?” each piece of candy to which we replied “when we get home!”. Soon his chocolate craving could not be contained, so we relented and started feeding him M&Ms between houses.

It is a pretty hard concept…get candy but don’t eat it. Torture!

An hour later, Ethan having trouble hefting his candy-filled pumpkin, we had hit our max of overstimulation. Plus, I made the mistake of showing him a lady on her front porch dressed like a ghost and jumping out at kids…it was pretty docile but he got freaked and whimpered “Ghost?” the whole way home. Then we saw a firetruck and he got all happy again.

My only hang up about this holiday was that I didn’t make his costume, for the second year in a row. And here I thought I would ALWAYS make them! But how can I possibly compete with this, especially at a price of $15? A brand-new-looking-but-actually-gently-used costume for fifteen bucks. Consignment shops rule!

Every year holidays just get more and more fun…I mean, two years ago I HATED Halloween, and now here I am prepping for it. Kids just make holidays so much fun.


4 Responses
  1. November 3, 2012

    Same here, I used to be completely indifferent to Halloween and Easter, and now I love them, just for the kids!
    Amber Liddle recently posted..Local NewsMy Profile

  2. Linda Johnson permalink
    November 4, 2012

    Ethan is just adorable as a turtle!!

    I think next year you and Stu should dress up….make it a family affair…hehehe

    Looking forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving.

  3. November 4, 2012

    what a great costume! that street sounds really great too.
    Dara recently posted..The World of Coca ColaMy Profile

    • Becky permalink*
      November 5, 2012

      Thanks Dara!

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