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St. Louis Halloween 2016

2016 November 7
by Becky


I figure you’ve had a little break from Halloween costume cuteness, therefore it’s a perfect time to share some more! It was a blustery 78 degrees here in St. Louis and the kids were sweaty long before they snagged their first piece of candy…this weather is insane!!

After his initial desire to be a Ghostbuster, Ethan picked out a “Blue Ninja” costume at one of those pop up Halloween stores. We tried it on in the store and he gave me a pose…it was perfect.

I then went temporarily insane and bought him double swords to wear on his back.


The little man wasn’t interested in anything costume related, I figured it would be impossible to get him into anything. But I saw this Chase from Paw Patrol get up and wanted to give it a try. We’ve only seen a couple episodes, but Finn recognizes the show’s characters all over the place and seemed slightly amused when he spied the costume. I got him to try it on with a bribed once for like 3 minutes and it was adorable, therefore I crossed my fingers and talked up trick or treating for three weeks straight in hopes it would get him excited.


Come Halloween night, he was in the zone. I said, “Let’s put on our costumes!!!” and he practically leapt into his singing “Trick or treat, la la la-la, Trick or Treat, la la la-la”. He even put on the hat!!!

It was amazing.


I would have loved an adorable shot of my boys in a snuggly Halloween embrace, but alas, only one would look at the camera at one time and I had to bribe them to sit next to each other.

You can just feel the brotherly love.


Ethan made many requests for “spooky” decorations this year, saying we needed a graveyard like the house across the street (they go ALL out…it’s amazing). A few days later he asked what a graveyard was, which sparked a super fun conversation on our drive to school. So anyway, we liked his enthusiasm and grabbed a couple foam tombstones, zombie arms, made a few luminaries, and Stu played scary music on the front porch while we handed out candy.

There is a little pressure to do it up on our street as we get HUNDREDS of trick or treaters.


We headed out around 6:30, leaving my uncle in charge of the candy bowl, Ethan running up steps to each house, anxious to deliver his joke, “Why did the skeleton cross the road? To get to the body shop!” and Finn trailed behind, no less impatient to get candy in his bucket. We made it around both sides of the block before Finn and I headed back to the house for bedtime, his face smeared with chocolate and costume damp with sweat.


It was the warmest trick or treating I’ve ever experienced, but so much fun. After putting Finn to bed I took over candy duty for another hour of constant visitors. We don’t even go inside, instead we sit on the porch steps with a beer and listen to each and every joke, letting little hands dig for their favorite treat.

As someone who never really liked this holiday, it’s become one of my favorites now that the kids enjoy it so much. I love spending it in our neighborhood, on our street.

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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    November 8, 2016

    The costumes for the boys are adorable. Ethan is definitely a NINJA master! Finn is too cute as Chase. How wonderful that the weather was warm for the kids. Love the blog and keep them photos coming.

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