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Guest Feature: Catrina’s “Super Hero Capes”

2013 May 22
by Becky
My very creative friend Catrina just threw her precious daughter Claire the sweetest “Super Hero” third birthday party—Ethan had a blast celebrating “Super” style. I realized about a week before the party that Ethan didn’t really know what a super hero is! So, while I did my best to explain, the clincher was the cape.


Super heros have capes.
(At least in toddler world they always do)


Good thing Catrina made these incredibly adorable custom capes for each and every party goer. They were a BIG hit.


third birthday girl with DIY super hero capes


Boys got blue, girls got pink, everyone had their own initial featured in the middle. And everyone had a sturdy yellow collar with velcro closure.


Super Hero Birthday Party - Kids in capes


I was honored to loan my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine for some letter cutting. As far as assembly? Catrina had that all in her head…I had no idea how all the pieces would come together. But they did and the result was fantastic.


When I asked her to share her process here on Preparing for Peanut, she was happy to oblige! I told her they would be a “Pinterest Sensation”.


So with no further ado, here is Catrina’s “Super Hero Cape” tutorial:


DIY Super Hero Cape Tutorial
Super Hero Cape Tutorial PDF
  1. “Gymnastic/Dance fabric” 24″ x 20″ piece- the material is stretchy, shiny and most importantly the edges don’t fray. I purchased 1.5 yards to get 6 capes
  2. Light-weight cotton material for the circle.  The circles were 12″ in diameter but if I could do it over I would make them smaller…like 9″ each. 
  3. Contrasting light weight cotton material for the letters. The letters were approximately 8″ each at the largest dimension.
  4. Wonder Under. I got one roll (5 yards) and it was barely enough for 12 capes. Be safe, get an extra roll!) 
  5. Felt – 15″x4″ strip per cape.
  6. Velcro, 1.5″ per cape (sticky or non-sticky both work fine.)
Iron the Wonder Under to the circle and letter fabric. When I did this my fabric wrinkled, however the wrinkles came out once I ironed the fabrics together. Next, cut out all of your pieces. I was not exact with any of my measurements, except for the circles and letters which I used a Silhouette Cameo to cut the fabric. This was a huge time saver and made perfect circles.


(Note: Be aware that felt or fuzzy fabric does not cut well on a Silhouette Cameo machine…like not at all. But you can use the Silhouette to cut out letters using the font of your choice on chip board or card stock, then pin on to your fabric and cut around for a beautiful finished product.)


Once everything was cut out, I ironed on the circles followed by the letters to the cape fabric. It was necessary to go over this for a few minutes per piece. I was concerned about the cape fabric melting—since it looks like the type of material that would—but I didn’t have any problems. I started out with my iron on medium but moved it to hot when no melting occurred.


TIP: The edges need more iron time.


TIP: Lay the fabric flat after ironing. If I laid the folded, the circle would pull away. If you have extra time (I did not) sewing around the circle will help secure it and better define the edge.


Next, I pinned the cape fabric between the felt strip..this was by no means an exact science. I tried to “scrunch” (technical term) the fabric so it rested in the middle of the felt strip with an equal amount if fabric on each side of the middle line; probably around 4″ on each side. This was a bit of a challenge since the cape fabric is a little slippery, but it made a cute “gathered” look as opposed to just flat.


After it was pinned I ran a single line of stitching through the felt. It is little on the thick side but my machine did fine (and I do not have a fancy sewing machine by any means). I used a zig zag stitch because I wanted to use something that would catch the fabric.


Super Hero Cape Tutorial - Close Up


Cut strips of velcro about 1.5″ long. Attach to the end of the felt. I bought sticky Velcro in hopes of not having to sew it to the felt, but was not please with it’s “stickiness” so I ran a quick line of stitches through it.


Overall it was very easy and I am NOT an experienced seamstress by any means. The capes were easy for the kids to get on and off and they all seemed to enjoy them!


Good Luck!


Super Hero Cape Tutorial - Finished


Catrina whipped these capes up in just a few days…I was SO impressed with the final result! And after preparing myself for the disappointment I’d feel when Ethan inevitably refused to put on his cape (he’s going through an anti-dress-up phase) we arrived at the party and he put it RIGHT on! He didn’t take it off till it was time for bed that night. Since then he’s worn it to the zoo, Home Depot, and grocery store. The cape is the perfect length to avoid dragging on the ground while still being flowy and, well, Super.


Super Hero Cape Tutorial - Super Pose


Anyone throwing a Super Hero themed bash needs these capes! Perfect for party entertainment AND a party favor the kids will love.


Does your kid wear capes? Where’s the funniest place they’ve insisted on wearing it?  WhiteBox
7 Responses
  1. May 22, 2013

    What a great party idea. Love the cape.

  2. Grandpa Joe permalink
    May 22, 2013

    I can see Super Hero Ethan on a Digger.

    • Becky permalink*
      May 22, 2013

      That sounds like a new book to go along with “Dinosaur Dig”. Mixin all the best stuff!

    • Becky permalink*
      May 22, 2013

      That sounds like a new children’s book idea….

  3. May 22, 2013

    Awesome cape — but, hey, are all the kids’ parties like this over in the States? OMG, I’d feel under pressure… Around here, parties aren’t that fancy — just a bunch of kids getting together, eating cake and playing some party games… (Although parents have started to have some play centers, like in Shopping malls, arrange the parties for their kids — pure horror and overstimulation, if you ask me, ;-)).

    Anyway, the capes are awesome!

    And here the link to another post that I just happened to read right before I read yours, *ggg*:

    So long,

    • Becky permalink*
      May 22, 2013

      Well, it is kind of a thing for DIY-er parents to get kinda crazy over birthday parties. But most things are done on the cheap (we make everything ourselves, ie food, cakes, decorations, favors, games).

      As for that article?! Hilarious!!!! I seriously would consider pulling ethan out of a school that didn’t “allow” kids to play super hero. I’ve been waiting for this cape-wearing stage since he was born! It’s a blast.

  4. Cara permalink
    May 22, 2013

    Genius! Next birthday party theme for sure. Lyla would love it!

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