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2011 March 8


I have to dedicate a post to our entrance into the world of cloth diapers. After hearing so much about them from friends over the last two years, we made the decision to use cloth and felt really good about it! We received almost all of our stash of Bum Genius and Flip diapers from the showers our amazing friends/coworkers threw for us. We even have a stock pile of cloth wipes, because it’s just easier to use all cloth. We are doing this to save tons of money, help the environment, and provide a healthy, non-chemical solution for Ethan’s ‘restroom needs’.

So I have to make a confession. During our time in the NICU, I started to wonder about my commitment to cloth. I was SO overwhelmed with everything going on, that using cloth diapers seemed very daunting. I researched like crazy. I read every blog out there.  I kept reminding myself that everyone I’ve ever talked to about using cloth diapers had all good things to say about them…never any negative reviews. But I was still very nervous.

When we came home from the hospital, Ethan was only 6.5 pounds, so we thought he was too small for the Bum Genius diapers (they fit 8-35 pound babies). We knew this would be the case all along, and had chlorine-free Seventh Generation disposable diapers ready to use for the first few weeks. I have to say, Seventh Generation has a great product! I’ve loved their paper towels, napkins, and other household products for years, but these diapers fit perfectly (even a squirmy, skinny new born) and we rarely have leaks.  They do, however, smell pretty ikky when they have poop in them. It permeates from the nursery trash can.

Two weeks ago I attended the Kangaroo Kids Nursing Moms Support Group for the first time.  What a WONDERFUL experience!  Not only did it get me out of the house with Ethan, but I met great new moms my age and learned so much in a very short time.  Almost everyone there uses  Bum Genius diapers, and a few moms told me that they will in fact fit a tiny new born!  So I headed home (committing to attend this group EVERY week) and threw a BG diaper on Ethan using the smallest size setting.  They fit!  And they hold everything in.  We are on day 12 and no leaks yet.

OK, so they are pretty huge on him right now. But since they don’t leak and seem comfy, we are using them. They are actually more reliable then the disposables!! I still use disposables under his little outfits when we go out…otherwise he looks like he has some sort of glandular problem ( ha ha).  90% of the time we are in the cloth though!  I wash the diapers every other day or so and they come out smelling clean.  A couple light stains are visible, but a little time in the sun will take care of that…we just haven’t had any sun lately!  Overall I’m really, really happy with the diapers.

Here is how Bum Genius 4.0 diapers work if you are wondering:

Speaking of washing, which seems to be a big question about using cloth, I’m running them through a cold wash with an extra rinse, then a hot wash and extra rinse, then drying everything (liners and pockets) on low.  I also throw my Indian Pre-folds (traditional cloth diapers we use for burp cloths) in with the hot cycle because they are full of breast milk spit-up, which smells if not washed on hot.  When the weather is nice I’ll put the pockets outside to dry in the sun…should only take 15 minutes or so because they are pretty dry right out of the spin cycle.  I’m using Rockin’ Green detergent now and I think it’s working just fine (these diapers can only be washed in certain detergents to prevent build-up…it’s great for breast milk stains too!).

So nothing to be scared of!  I encourage everyone with babies (and plans for more in the future) to try out Bum Genius or any of the dozens of available cloth diapering systems.  It’s really not that much work and is kind of fun.  We got everything at Cotton Babies in South County, which is worth a visit no matter what…the store is adorable and the employees are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

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  1. March 11, 2011

    I’m so jealous yours fit!! We are still using the XS AIOs because the one sizes we have from Ingrid are too big and leak. I think her chunko thighs stretched out the elastic…

    It’s so great to see another mom using cloth, and loving it after wondering :) I use Whole Foods or 7th Gen. disposables if I feel like it but I know we’re still saving by using cloth most of the time. Spread the word, mama!! It’s not gross and really easy!

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