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Fun On the Farm: 2015

2015 July 3
by Becky

We arrived at The Farm last Friday afternoon, fresh off many hours of traveling by car and plane, with two excited kids to see two out-of-their-mind excited grandparents.



My parents haven’t seen Finn for a few months, since our trip to their part-time home in Florida, so he’s QUITE a bit different. He’s gained five teeth, four pounds, and some serious skills. He is at a really amazing age for a first visit to The Farm, as he’s totally interested in animals and there are plenty of animals here.

Like cats. Six of them. Midnight was the only one brave enough to get close to the little guy. Ethan has to do the petting for the rest. There’s also two horses to watch run in and out of the pasture, deer in the field, and lots of birds.



Ethan found a little treasure of his own. This guy was lucky, he survived a few hours in a bucket “habitat”, which eventually included water, rocks, and some leaves, plus many attempts by Finn to squeeze the life out of him. Finn thought that toad was hilarious, we let it hop all over his lap. The tiny friend was released into the wild and has since probably been eaten by a bird.

As is the circle of life out here in the country.


Another frequent animal sighting? Raccoons. Grandpa and Ethan even had a nightly routine of setting humane traps to catch the destructive little creatures. What my parents thought was one big raccoon and babies, turned out to be six huge adults. Every day Ethan and Grandpa drove the angry fur balls miles away to make a new home…away from the cat food.

One of the best parts about farm life? The vehicles.



Only kids that live on some acreage get to take off on four wheelers whenever they want. Ethan loved exploring the country roads in the open air. We even had some prime baby-horse viewings on our daily rides. So ridiculously cute.



There’s smaller equipment too…Finn even had a turn at the wheel of the mini-gator this year (kidding of course). Ethan didn’t fuss about it since the gator is now “too slow” compared to the four-wheeler.


We took the kids to the local John Deere dealership where we took a million pics that will have to be shared in a later post…if you haven’t, take your four year old to a giant equipment store. It’s a blast. Pretend you’re in the market for a combine.


We spent almost every afternoon at the pool. Grandma had a giant shark waiting for Ethan to ride while Finn perfected his farmer tan in a baby-floaty. This week marked Ethan’s first time off the diving board! He’s so brave. And getting crazy-good at swimming, he will be on his own in the big pool before long.



One day, Stu’s birthday, we even enjoyed drinks poolside with Erika and her family. It was like a vacation within a vacation. Sure we needed naps afterwards, but daytime drinking is a welcome rarity only made possible by many grandparents (between the two of us there were six kid-watchers). Cowboy Lemonade flowed like wine. The beautiful women instinctively flocked like the salmon of Capistrano. 


We introduced Finn to Mexican food…Scottsbluff has the BEST! We started at my fav, Rosita’s, since I’ve been dreaming about ponchos and puffy tacos for weeks leading up to this trip. Finn enjoyed refried beans, cheese, and tortillas. He’s constantly starving.


We accepted “Uncle” Roger’s invite for fishing at the most unbelievably well-stocked pond I’ve ever seen. It took exactly .5 seconds to catch a fish and with, Roger acting as our fishing concierge baiting and unhooking the little blue gills, Ethan caught about 15 fish in 20 minutes.



No patience required. My kind of fishing.

We’ve headed across Nebraska, about five hours East, for our annual Fourth of July celebration with Stu’s family. I haven’t seen Ethan in hours, he’s off blissfully playing with his cousins, probably all naked in a kiddie pool at great-grandma’s house, eating cheese balls and popsicles. Heaven. 

Happy Fourth!

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