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Catching Up: Friday Phone Dump

2012 October 12
by Becky

We had a fabulously easy trip to St. Louis (totally jinxing myself for the ride home)¬†complete with an extra seat next to me on the plane…which was so wonderful it’s enough to make me want to buy Ethan a ticket from here on out, even though we have three months of free travel left.

Rehearsal dinner, wedding, visiting friends, stopping by my old workplace (Great to see you TOKY!), and seeing lots of family, first and foremost Great-grandma Vi (GG) who’s here from Florida.

So here’s what I found on my phone. Have a great weekend!

1 checking out the new toys at the library
2 sandbox time
3 pumpkin latte accident
4 halloween preparations
4 reunited with grandma in the stl
5 eating brie with grandpa
7 exhausted from a busy first travel day
8 airport fun
9 luxurious plane ride

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