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Friday Five Favs — December

2015 December 11
by Becky

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It’s been a bit of a rough week.

Stu’s been gone and I’ve been unusually destructive. I dropped my iPhone for the 7 billionth time, but this time on concrete and this time the screen shattered. It flew out of my purse and SMASH. So that was a nice trip to the Apple Store with both kids on a Tuesday night. Yesterday, after a fun trip to Rocketship Park, I was so consumed with wiping hands that I ended up backing into our Bob stroller, hopelessly bending one of the wheels. Prior to that, I’d lost my pocketed credit card on a walk through the park, and earlier today Ethan fell face down on the sidewalk, bashing his lip and top front tooth.

That last one was the fault of a loose dog, not me, but still.
It’s been a bit of a mess. So it actually cheers me up to share a few of my favorite things.

We’ve had crazy schedule and little will power due to that whole “it’s the holidays” thing so my new favorite service is Postmates. This little app is like Uber for delicious food. Some of our favorite near by restaurants (PHO GRAND!!!), previously not offering delivery, now let a driver pick up your food for a reasonable fee. The drivers are nice and quick and we get to do our favorite thing…order from our phones.


I’m a little embarrassed that two of my favorite things this week are TV shows. It’s not like I’m just sitting around binge watching, I just sneak in an episode here and there while editing photos or eating dinner. Both Netflix shows, both proving that this is the era of amazing TV series. First one is Master of None. Are you a fan of Aziz Anzari’s stand up? Well this is even better. Aziz incorporates some of his incredibly funny material in a very naturally flowing sitcom, highlighting really interesting nuances of life we’ve all experienced. The supporting cast is amazing—his friend Denise is my favorite. It’s easy, fun, well written, well acted, and I totally loved it and recommend it. I also gave The Girlfriends Guide to Divorce a try. This didn’t seem like my cup of tea, but holy cow is it hilarious. Originally airing on Bravo but now on Netflix, it has some raunchy, scandalous stuff fit into delightfully funny and dramatic content. Again, supporting cast is pretty fabulous. The appearance of Janeane Garofalo was a treat, and the main character’s brother is hizzity hot. There were a few cheese-ball episodes, but mostly it was pretty perfect.


This coconut cookie recipe is maybe the best cookie I’ve ever made. They are going to every upcoming event, cookie exchange, and my stomach on a regular basis. Deliciously doughy and sweet, with a huge hit of coconut and the touch of chocolate from the kiss…yum. I was a little worried when the recipe called for TEN cups of coconut, but don’t be alarmed, that’s only about 2 bags. 


The weather has been gorgeous this week, but last week it was rainy and cold, so we needed lots of indoor hangouts. Mondays are always tough, many places in STL are closed, but Rise Coffeehouse is like a beacon of light on a gloomy Monday afternoon, offering the best coffee, local pastries, and—the best part—toys for the kiddos in the gated upstairs room. My kids always have fun here, especially when buddies meet us. 

Here’s hoping the path of destruction is ending, my luck changing. Stu’s back home, we’re hitting a candy cane hunt tomorrow, and we have fancy grown-up plans for tomorrow night…involving a tux and a really pretty dress. With only 14 sleeps till the big day (how the heck did that happen?), it’s December—full steam ahead. 

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