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Friday Five Favs — April

2016 April 22
by Becky

The weather is so nice I’ve tried to spend as little time as possible with my computer. Writing about anything these days is just exhausting, especially when we can be outside playing in a bucket of water or sticking our noses in some gorgeous tulips.

Good thing one of my favorites posts to write is a Five Favs, so I couldn’t resist, here goes: FiveFavApril

  1. A first shout out goes to the No Wait app for making it possible to sit on one of my favorite patios with my girlfriends, enjoying the gorgeous weather, some music, and delicious food (Katie’s Pizza was the place). If you haven’t downloaded this app, do it. Not every eatery is represented, but quite a few are and it makes the evening a lot less of a hassle, which equals much more fun.
  2. With the temps going up I’m so glad my makeup routine is a simple one. I like to wear a little makeup, just to even things out and look presentable, but hate anything that feels at all heavy. For years I’ve used Sephora’s Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation and can’t go back. I spray it on my brush to apply, it feels like nothing but has just the right amount of coverage. A touch of bronzer, flick of mascara, and I may not be runway ready but it works for me.
  3. If I have to hear about one more person seeing Hamilton the Musical, I may burst with jealousy. This is one of those shows, like Book of Morman, I’m going to pine over until it starts touring outside of Broadway. The show opens in Chicago in September so maybe we’ll make a trip over. The soundtrack is incredible, reviews raving, and story riveting…I can’t wait.
  4. We dropped cable a few months ago and OMG it’s so liberating. Especially since we still watch the same amazing TV we did before, just at 1/4th the price. I just finished the last episode of Girls (which, as a super special treat, includes Ophira Eisenberg), a show I’ve watched since the beginning, maybe so I can pine after a young life lived in New York City, maybe because the acting is incredible, or maybe just to laugh at Lena Dunham’s outfits…the swimsuit this season made me laugh till I hurt. I rarely watch an episode without a) Shazaming a song that I inevitably love and b) listening to the directors notes at the end because they are fascinating. Since I’m so behind on sharing my thoughts, I’m going to throw one more in here. Have you seen Vinyl on HBO? It’s brand new, co-created by Mick Jagger, and tons of fun for music lovers. It’s set in the 70’s record industry so Stu and I love watching it to name the background songs/bands/singers in each episode. The acting is spot on and we love how they weave in real life characters like Elvis, Led Zepplin, and David Bowie.
  5. This maxi dress is the cutest and most flattering one I’ve ever owned. These summer classics usually hang in dumpy fashion, cut too low and too large for casual, every day wear. This one, however, is pretty darn perfect. The price tag is a little more than my old one that now graces the donation bin, but thanks to a coupon code (I’m hating that I didn’t save it to share!) it wasn’t so bad. I’m most happy with my Boden dresses, they fit beautifully and are so comfortable.

That’s it! Now tell me something you’ve discovered or have new-found appreciation for this month. Music? TV? Clothes? Whatev.

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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    April 23, 2016

    Thanks for review of Vinyl. I was wondering if it was any good.

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