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Friday Five Favs

2016 July 28
by Becky


1. Michelle Obama. OK, hokey I know, but it’s DNC week!! I’ve been riveted every night listening to speeches. Democrat or Republican, no one can deny Michelle is amazing. It may seem silly, but she’s one of my favorite people watch and listen to, she has tremendous poise yet her personality always shines through. She’s an inspiring role model for children and parents, I want my kids to know about her and I want to emulate her in the way I interact with them. Watching videos of her speeches and interviews and reading stories about her never gets old, I can’t imagine a more perfect example of a First Lady. While I will miss her the most when the Obama’s leave office, it’s doubtful we’re seeing the last of Michelle. 

2. Heart. Have you listened to any of their songs lately? Stu and I are huge classic rock fans and heart is all over our playlists, so seeing them for the second time in concert a couple weeks ago was a real treat. Even as big fans we forget just how many incredible songs the sisters have! Nancy is incredible on the guitar…the whole show was impressive. I highly recommend searching their tunes on Apple Music and spend hours listening.

3. The Great British Bake Off. My tip top number one fav overall right now. Let me be clear, it IS a reality show, something which I do not ever ever watch, but this one is SO different. It’s smart, quick, and refreshingly polite. I love the lack of drama and excessive details about technically difficult challenges, like genoise sponge cakes and Spanische Windtorte. When judging creations, sweet twinkly song play as the judges taste the creations, expecting perfection but always offering constructive criticism kindly. The nastiest comment a judge has made is to say “It’s undercooked”. Contestants give each other reassuring nods and jump to help a fellow baker who’s in the weeds. The skills are incredible, but the personalities top it all. I cried at one Star Baker’s comments about how proud her family would be and then how proud she was of herself, her eyes full of truth and passion. It’s just, as the English would say, “lovely”. I’ve learned so much about baking and have been inspired to try a few new skills in the kitchen.  This is how reality TV should be!! 

4. Trendsend is my new favorite service. It’s a personal shopping service that lets me try stuff on at home, gives me free returns, and even finds me stuff on sale!! Plus, it’s run by my one of my favorite stores, Ever Eve, so I know I’m probably going to like more or all of what’s sent. I’ve tried Stitch Fix in the past and hated 85% of what they sent, it was boring. Ever Eve is, funny enough, a store dedicated to styling young mothers, helping them feel good in clothes without them costing a fortune or being uncomfortable. They carry popular brands but curate them to make shopping more fun and faster. I always find something I like in the store and love that the sales associates are SO helpful. They get it. So I decided to try this service and so far, love it.

5. Free Youtube Workouts. I’m on a detox/diet/torture track right now so I can actually enjoy myself on the Nashville trip I’m taking with some girlfriends in a couple weeks. In my current state of bloat, no clothes will be tried on or purchased, making me not a very fun shopping friend. So while the gym is the easiest way to get a work out in (and I hate EVERY minute of it), 30 minute videos are perfect for the days I can’t get there. The kids will usually play near by or do them with me, so this Shawn T video is my new fav. You can find tons of free videos on Youtube, like this favorite by Jillian Michaels. As long as you don’t stop, 30 minutes can kick your butt.

Honorable Mention
My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast. This is filthiest podcast I’ve ever experienced, but the FUNNIEST thing I’ve ever heard. Jamie’s dad decided he’d cash in on some of the “Fifty Colors of Grey” success (I was already dying laughing at this adorable mix up of the title) and write his own erotic novel. Thing is, he is a TERRIBLE writer and doesn’t totally understand what people find “erotic”. So Jamie enlisted a couple friends, Alice and James who are absolutely hilarious, to commentate as he reads the book, a chapter per week. It’s “spot on brilliant”. Did I mention this is a British podcast? The accents make the whole thing about a billion times more enjoyable. I’ve slowly listened to the first season and laughed myself to tears more than a few times. The chapter where Alice googled a diagram of the female reproductive system had me in stitches, she needed it to explain why a cervix cannot and should never come into play in any love scene. It’s worth a try and I promise, it’s no more offensive than anything EL James wrote, but surely much more entertaining.

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