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Flamingo Fest 2016 at Citygarden!!

2016 July 21
by Becky


I’m too enamored with this even to wait even a day to share it with you.

Citygarden celebrated its 7th birthday with the annual Flamingo Fest! We spent our morning surrounded by bubbles and fountains and cookies and chalk art and the best damn DJ I’ve ever heard and it was all FREE. St. Louis, why do I continue to be surprised by these incredible events you host that cost families not one red cent?

Citygarden is one of my tip top favorite places in our fine city, I’ve talked about it on here before, and I just had to capture it in a quick video, especially for my friends who’ve admitted they haven’t yet visited this amazing place. Seriously, GO NOW!!! Sure it’s a billion degrees in St. Louis, but there isn’t a better place to be on a hot day.

Here goes…

(If you are viewing this in an email, click the top link to watch the video)

So before this summer comes to an abrupt halt—I know, sounds crazy but it happens fast!—get down to Market Street and spend a morning swimming in and running through fountains and water features before grabbing lunch at a food truck.



Sure there isn’t always a stilt walker, balloon animal maker, face painter or a Bubble Bus, but it will still be a REALLY good time.

Have you been? Do you love it??


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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    July 23, 2016

    Looks like the boy’s had a blast!! I loved watching the video!! So much to offer in St. Louis.

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