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Five Favs: May

2018 May 22
by Becky


It’s been a while since I’ve shared my most favorite things as of this minute, but not to worry, there are plenty to talk about.

  1. Since they just came out with their new album, I figured it would be a great idea to start with a music recommendation of Lake Street Dive. This band is SO much fun to listen to, with their retro sound, smart lyrics, and touch of funk. I’m more than a little obsessed with the lead vocalist Rachael Price, who’s voice reminds you of every classic diva wrapped into one—a blanket of warmth and oomf. The musicians are incredible and songs range from toe tapping to can’t-help-but-sing-along to heart-pounding ballad. My favorite new song has to be Good Kisser, if you listen to nothing else give this one a try while watching them live. They are coming to DC in November and I’m planning to go!
  2. To work out my baking energy, I’ve been making things at home and taking them to the playground after school so they don’t sit around my house and get eaten by ME! I’ve taken cookies, brownies, scones, but the top treat was these delectable Brown Butter Pistachio Blondies by Flours In Your Hair blogger Becca. She’s a DC foodie and baker I’ve been following her since we moved here, I highly recommend finding her on insta(photo cred goes to Becca as well…mine were devoured too quickly to photograph)
  3. I started a book club!! Sounds funny, I know, but book club was something I cherished most in St. Louis. I loved having a set date on the calendar every month to see a group of women whom I absolutely adored. When I mentioned it to a group of friends here, they immediately jumped on board, and here we are on our second book. It was chosen by a friend who was born and raised in Lithuania and is a a detailed account of a Lithuanian girl’s life as a prisoner of Russia, banished to Siberia. Her family was taken from their home and forced into labor camps where they somehow survived for years, waiting to go home. It’s a part of history I was completely unfamiliar with and, while it wasn’t a happy read, it was an easy one because I had to know what would come of these people. I am grateful for this new knowledge and really can’t wait to discuss this at our next meet up.
  4. Gone are the days of trimming, these pre-cut parchment sheets are a must-have if you ever use sheet pans in the oven. Especially after working in commercial kitchens, I never put anything in the oven without parchment, it makes clean-up a snap.
  5. I get constant compliments on my iPhone case, so I figured it was worth mentioning. I’ve turned to the wallet case and have never looked back! My ID and credit card fit right into this case so I’m very often purse-free. I love the leather/fabric mix design and the fact that it’s only $15. It’s pretty protective for bumps very lightweight.
  1. We’ve been cleaning out the Elephant & Piggy books at the library every time we go. Finn thinks they are hilarious and I love reading them to him, plus Ethan can easily read these which makes for some very cute brother time. Are You Ready To Play Outside was especially relatable last week since it didn’t stop pouring down rain for seven straight days. These are such fun and expressive books, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the characters personalities.

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