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Five Favs: December

2016 December 15
by Becky


1. First up is LipSense, a makeup product. Me, talking about makeup. I know it’s crazy, but I saw my friend Mary doing a little how-to video on Facebook for this product she’s selling and I was SOLD. It’s lipstick that stays on for hours. No reapplying, no pulling out mirrors to check, and no dry, peeling lips. It’s a stain that goes on in three slight layers and gets coated with a gloss. I do reapply the gloss a couple times before or after eating, but other than that, it’s zero maintenance. AND, it won’t leave stains on cups or cheeks, ever. So now I, Miss Never Wears Lipstick, has had countless friends and strangers comment on my “new look”. There’s just something about lipstick for a night out or special event…or just shopping with friends. I love it that much. Hit up Mary to get your hands on some, she’ll help you pick a color and has a Facebook group with lots of great info.

2. Have you tried Trendsend? It’s a personal shopping service (think Stitchfix but better brands) from my favorite store, Ever Eve. I love that they send complete outfits from my local store where I actually shop, and they always throw in something to “challenge” me, coaxing me into trying something new. Like this gorgeous Free people tunic. At first glance, I figured I’d hate it, the style wasn’t me. But turns out, I love it! It’s amazing and actually makes sense since I’m really drawn to everything by Free People, which is weird because I don’t typically follow brands. Ok that’s a lie, Ever Eve introduced me to Kut from the Kloth and I love it so so so much.

3. After a few years away, I’ve rediscovered Body Pump and it feels amazing. I took these classes at my gym in college, other St. Louis gyms, and in DC, but it wasn’t till recently that the Gateway YMCA signed up with good ole Les Mills. I was bummed to discover I’m not as strong as I used to be, feeling the extra three years in my joints and I’m sore for days after, but it’s worth every second of pain. I wish more morning classes were offered but it’s a start! Check their website for classes near you.

4. This one could go on forever. Listening to an entire album with no distractions or interruptions is something I haven’t done in many many years, but that’s exactly what I did with the Hamilton: Mixtape. We moved mountains to get me on a plane by myself for two whole hours last week, meeting Stu in DC for a 24 hour whirlwind adventure, and leaving both kids with an overnight sitter for the first time, so I spent the flight completely consumed by this music. The most exciting, engaging, and blow-your-mind talented group of artists I could imagine assembling on one play list, are on here performing the incredible music from the musical Hamilton. It was really hard to keep myself from chair dancing in my airplane seat, especially when hearing Wiz Khalifa sing Washington On Your Side…this has been stuck in my head since then. I was filled with sheer joy hearing Kelly Clarkson, Usher, Regina Spektor, Sia, John Legend, Andra Day, Ingrid Michaelson, The Roots, and even Jimmy Fallon perform music I’ve been obsessing over for months. Busta Rhymes sings My Shot. Nas nails Wrote My Way Out, driving every word home. Trying to pick a favorite may be impossible, Andra Day’s rendition of Burn has been on repeat for days…it’s gut-wrenchingly good. Like she’s living every word. No wait, it’s definitely Sia belting Satisfied…wow. It’s too hard to choose. I’m obsessed. I was also filled with a swell of motivation and was slightly (a lot) emotional gazing out my window at the DC monuments while listening to the last track. That city always feels like home, an old flame that gets the heart racing.

5. Alert last minute shoppers! Need something amazing for a special kid in your life? Stop by Happy Up in Clayton or Edwardsville, it’s the cutest place and the staff is incredibly helpful. You can say “I need a gift for a 7 year old girl in the $25-30 range” and they will present you with no less than seven great options. Sure they have some of the ‘fancy’ toys, but they have tons of really cool, current trend, reasonably priced toys you’ll have a hard time leaving behind. The owner will show you how anything works, even if it means shooting a bow and arrow across the store (that was for me…it was sweet). They will wrap (for free I think!) and will out of their way to help you find the perfect gift!

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  1. December 16, 2016

    I love Body Pump – definitely a challenge. Monday nights at 5:30 aren’t the easiest, but I make it work. My instructor is awesome.

    Hamilton Mixtape – yes to all of it.

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