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First Night Out!

2011 June 17
by bvoboril

I can’t believe I have yet to write a post about our first date night!

Since Ethan has been born, Stu and I have yet to leave him with a babysitter. It’s not that we are crazy neurotic parents, we just haven’t had a chance to do it!

So, two Saturdays ago, our role-model parent friends Catrina and Aaron Cook set up a night out for the four of us. They brought their babysitters over (Catrina’s cousin Taylor and her friend Sarah) to watch Ethan and their 13 month old daughter Claire.

Taylor has been watching Claire since she was born—for a while she was almost a full time nanny! So I wasn’t the slightest bit worried walking out the door…I told her she probably knows more about taking care of babies then we do! Both girls were very confident and had no issues during the evening…I’m so sad we are moving and won’t have them near us!!

The babysitters!!!  They had things handled from the get-go.

We headed to Katie’s Pizzeria, an incredible restaurant on Clayton Road in Richmond Heights. I knew we picked the right place when no one cared what we ordered…it all looked that good!

If I were smart I would have snapped some pics of us and our food. It was delish. But I was too excited to be out with friends that I totally spaced it. At Catrina’s suggestion, we tried the savory watermelon salad special…OMG it was amazing. We shared some top notch toasted raviolis and two perfect pizzas. With some creative cocktails and absolutely impeccable service, it was a perfect first dinner out.

After a whole year without, my dry gin martini was the best one ever.

The four of us don’t get to see each other very often because we’re all always so busy, so our conversation was never ending. We had to make fun of the fact that diapers, poop, and all things baby were peppered in constantly. Life sure is different now!

Catrina, I know you are reading this, so thank you again for a fantastic night! If it weren’t for you I never would have felt so at ease leaving E for the first time.

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