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First Day of Pre-K (Year Two)

2015 August 20
by Becky


We’ve been pretty excited to get back in to the groove around here, summer + new baby has done a number on our “normal” routine, and no one was more pumped than Ethan who LOVES his school. Taking him to his first day back in Pre-K wasn’t emotional. We were in the same class last year, had the same teachers, did camps there this summer…it was kind of old hat but in a really exciting first-day-of-school way. Ethan wanted to take something to his over-the-top-awesome teachers, so we made banana crunch muffins, complete with a story Ethan apparently told everyone about how “Dad stuck his finger in the batter”. Stu had clean hands and just did one quick little swipe but still, not something you want to tell someone as they take a bite of homemade baked goods.

It took two trips to get all the school supplies, baby, gym bag, diaper bag, and who knows what else to the car before I asked Ethan to pose for The Shot, the one every single person with a child has posted in the last week. My goal was to replicate last year’s picture to get a great side-by-side comparison…too bad my kid has become impossible to photograph. Our neighbors were graced with shouts of “Look at the CAMERA!!” and “Smile NORMALLY!!” as Ethan did everything in his power to make this quick task take 19 times longer than necessary. No matter the angle, a quick glimpse at last year’s shot proves Ethan has done a lot of growing.


In a very silly way, he looks wiser…which is maybe why fielding his negotiating skills has become my full time job. Those chubby little legs have grown into long stalks with giant feet attached. Those hands seem to have doubled in size, the face less soft. But I love that he’s doing the exact same thing with his hands, holding the straps of his back pack. That wasn’t staged, it’s just cute.

This face is more realistic these days. You’ll have to imagine the burping noise.


Reading about our first day last year made me realize just how much more confident he will be this year. He hit the ground running at the back to school BBQ last week, talking about which friends he couldn’t wait to see, ready to play and get as far from adults as we’d allow (which turned out to be pretty darn far, but still within view). Yesterday, much the same, he marched in to his classroom, hung his backpack in his cubby, handed off muffins to his teachers, and started to play, happy to be there. He’s a big kid this year. He’ll be the one helping the littler kids make decisions…mostly “green-light” choices I hope.


I exited the building and removed Finn from his spot strapped to my back, only to find his nose ridiculously snotty and red. Our trip to the gym was immediately cancelled, I opted for a run on the treadmill at home while Finn napped upstairs. The rest of my day was spent battling him every 10 minutes to remove snot, doing 37 things during his afternoon nap, and before I knew it, time to pick up Ethan. “Full Day” school feels like about 5 minutes and 20 hours all at the same time.

Ethan emphatically announced at pick up, “We had the BEST macaroni and cheese for lunch today!” because all food tastes better at school with friends. He’s happy, Finn will be happy when his nose clears up, and I already have a feeling this school year will be great.

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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    August 21, 2015

    What an amazing side-by-side of Ethan. He has grown so much in a year. I have flashbacks of Stu when Ethan makes those funny facial expressions. His dad was always hamming it up for the camera.
    Congratulations Ethan on your first days of Pre-K.

  2. August 21, 2015

    I had to come tell you this – we had a rigatoni dish Wednesday night for dinner, and somehow we started to talk about macaroni. Ella said she was in the kitchen helping Monica after school, and the pre-k teachers came in and told Monica that the mac and cheese was a royal hit for lunch – all the pre-k kids were talking about it, especially Ethan! Then I read this – hilarious. Monica told them that she likes to take a dish that the kids feel comfortable with, and then tweak the recipe to make it healthier. Apparently it was delicious because Frances was raving as well.
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