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Finn Turns Two…With a Pig Party!!

2016 October 31
by Becky

pig themed birthday party

Finn turned two!!

The official day was last Friday but we partied a little early this year, a week before. My mom’s side of the family had gathered in St. Louis to celebrate my grandma’s 90th birthday so we thought it would be fun to have the party while everyone was in town.

Our theme was simple: PIGS!!!

pig themed birthday party invitation

Ever since he laid eyes on the fuzzy pink pig peeking out of the giant bin at Ikea, he’s been a pig crazy. He LOVES that pig, appropriately named “Piggy”. Nothing but creativity around her folks. Finn sleeps with it every night. His little face lights up every time he sees a pig, we’ve visited them at Suson Farm, the pumpkin patch, and, of course, the zoo. Our zoo doesn’t have traditional pigs, they are actually Babirusas from Indonesia, but he could stand watching them roll around in the dirt forever.

So, naturally, a pig theme seemed fitting for the big event!

pig themed birthday party decorations

pig themed birthday party bunting

We had a GORGEOUS fall morning in store so the party was out in the back porch and yard. I LOVE being able to host outdoor parties in October. Less mess, better pictures, and fresh air makes every gathering better. The swing set and a few games entertained the kiddos until the main event arrived…THE PIG!!!

pig themed birthday party pete the pig

pig themed birthday party pete the pig

This is Pete! After some googling and emailing I was hooked up with Pete’s mom Heather, who graciously agreed to make her little guy the bell of our birthday ball. She arrived a little after the party began so Pete could make a grand entrance, everyone was very excited!!

pig themed birthday party feeding pig

pig themed birthday party feeding pig treats

Finn was a little stand off-ish at first, didn’t know what the heck was happening, but was soon following Pete around, feeding him treats, and walking him on his leash. Pete was SUCH a good sport with the kids! He is a mini-pig, under a year old, and was the prefect size for toddler snuggles. He even did tricks!

Pete attending our party was tip top on my list of birthday wishes for Finn and he totally delivered the cuteness, level 11. Heather was my hero for spending her morning letting us overstimulate her tiny guy!

pig themed birthday party pig cupcakes

Finn was pretty excited about these pig cupcakes, inspired by something I saw on p-to-the-interest, which looked kind of super gross which translates to perfectly delicious for kids. During cupcake construction I held up my first attempt for his approval and he yelled, “PIG!”

Mission accomplished.

pig themed birthday party cupcakes

pig themed birthday party

This year Finn was ready to blow out some candles! And he couldn’t wait to scarf the marshmallow pig nose. Singing Happy Birthday is when I usually get teary, but this year was a breeze…this kid has been acting like a two year old for quite a while now, we were ready to mark this milestone.

Between pig pets and cupcakes (Finn ate the tops of three), kids played “Feed the Pig” which consisted of a painted appliance box and some bean bags—they loved it.

pig themed birthday party pig games

And, because apparently I’m a pro after the giant dino for Ethan’s party, I had to make a piñata. I don’t consider myself “crafty”—you are laughing at me, but seriously, I can’t stand most craft projects—but this kind of thing is fun to do while watching a show in the evenings.

The little kids were WAY more capable than I anticipated…

pig themed birthday party pig pinata

pig themed birthday party pig pinata

The older sibs showed great restraint, letting the little kids go first, their attempts hardly making a dent.  A few people almost got whacked in the head since most of the attendees were too young to be wielding a bat, but hey, it was fun!

Pete watched the whole massacre…hope he’s not scarred for life.

pig themed birthday party pig and pinata

Inside the house we told guests to “Pig Out!” on brunch food featuring modified “pigs in a blanket” that consisted of cinnamon rolls wrapped around breakfast sausages…they were amazing.

pig themed birthday party banner

pig themed birthday party pigs in blanket

Brunch food is really the best food, right?

The most special party guest was my grandma, Finn and Ethan’s great-grandma, who got her fair share of piggy snuggles. Ethan couldn’t resist getting the chickens in on the fun. It was like a barn yard at our house.


So that was our pig party!

With all the other celebrations happening that same weekend we tried to keep things simple and I feel like we succeeded in our goal…this was a seriously low stress party. We did everything ahead of time—decorations, games, pig scheduling, even quiches and cupcakes were made a few days before—and it was a blast.

Having so much family and so many of our favorite friends there was, of course, the best part.

Happy Birthday Finn!!!



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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    October 31, 2016

    So darn cute!!!! How wonderful for your grandma to come and enjoy Finn’s birthday. She looks amazing at 90! You are always so creative Becky and I especially like the “Pigs in a blanket”. I will have to give that a try. Finn was all smiles and what a beautiful day for a b’day party.

    Also, love the color lipstick you are now wearing. Looks amazing on you!

  2. October 31, 2016

    Um, first things first, your grandmother is gorgeous.

    Also, fabulous party – I’m so glad you had great weather. I love all the details, and especially those adorable party-goers. And your invitations are always so great.

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