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Finn — Four Months

2015 February 27
by Becky


Our little dude is racing through the months, steady and quiet, while I run around after his big brother. They ain’t lying when they say the second kid grows up WAY faster than the first.

Finn is Mr. Happy almost all the time. Big smiles and lots of belly laughs, making any moments of fussiness seem sort of shocking. If he fusses he’s either tired or hungry. Or bored. Or, just in the last few days, it means he wants to nurse endlessly. He still won’t take a pacifier so when something is upsetting him and his hands won’t suffice, it’s me who helps him through the tough times. Good thing they are rare.

I have to say I’m not quite showing Finn my full parenting capabilities. I’ve got necessities covered, like food and sleep and diapers and snuggles, but this cold weather is wearing on me. The cabin fever is often suffocating my happy mamma feelings. Afternoons are exhausting and seem to last forever when we can’t walk outside or hit the playground.

Good thing he doesn’t really seem to notice.


Since I’ll forget by next month, here’s our sleep routine. Around 6:00pm Finn starts getting fussy and just wants to eat. He cluster feeds until around 6:45pm when we head upstairs to change into pjs and a disposable diaper. We’ve started reading a quick book (he’s not always into it) and then its double swaddle time and a song. We put him in bed awake, turn the sound machine on and he usually falls asleep quick. Sometimes a little crib jiggling is involved. His best nights he sleeps till 4am or 5am, often it’s more like 2:30am, but always goes right back down with no fuss. His wake time is around 7:15am. Naps at around 8:15am and 1pm, sometimes a snooze in the wrap around 5pm. Overall, it’s pretty smooth.

Here’s a bunch of other stuff about Finn at four months:

  • I think we’ve established he’s a super smiley guy. He’ll return everyone’s smiles and throw in a few extra.
  • Grabbing everything! His aim is remarkable. He plays with mini Sophie the Giraffe, plastic rings, O-Balls, the hanging toys on his activity mat, and curling ribbon. He will chew on your finger all the live long day.
  • He still hates the bottle. He will drink milk from a tiny medicine cup, small sips, so Stu doesn’t have to stress over a screaming, hungry baby when I escape for a few hours. Our sitter somehow gets a bottle in him…we’re stumped.
  • Laying down is no longer satisfying, he wants to sit up. So out goes the bouncy chair and in comes the Bebe Pod seat.


  • He still loves to stand, wants us to hold him that way on our laps almost all the time.
  • Standing is easy in his Rainforest Bouncer! He’s amazing in that thing.
  • His eyes are still an arctic blue…omg are they fun to photograph.
  • He’s wearing 3-4 month and 6 month sizes in clothes. He’s a little chubby but mostly long, most 3 month clothes are too short for him.
  • No more carseat in the stroller, Finn rides like a big boy now!


  • He’s getting super squirmy and kicky. Diaper changes take speed and skill.
  • He’s staying awake longer between naps, not passing out in the car as much.
  • He still LOOOOOOVES Ethan. Finn watches his big brother with huge, wide eyes, like he’s just dying to get in the action. The bouncer is a great way for them to play together.
  • We tried swinging this week! When the weather was bearable we ran outside and hooked up the baby swing. He loved it. (Watch the video for a peek at Ethan’s look of sheer annoyance. Excuse my baby-talk.)

  • Rolling! Finn can roll from his tummy to his back.
  • He’s fairly clingy in the late afternoon so he gets worn in he wrap a lot.
  • We are 99% sure the hair is coming in blonde. New growth is getting lighter by the day. He looks bald in pictures but actually has quite a bit of fuzz up on top.

So that’s Finn at this moment. Tomorrow it will all be different.


3 Responses
  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    February 28, 2015

    What can I say….such adorable grandchildren!!

    Love the picture of Ethan, Finn and Dewy and Finn in the buff.

  2. February 28, 2015

    He is a happy little guy with a super schedule!!!! He’s grown and matured so much in this short time. Love him in the swing and am amazed about the blonde hair!! Can’t wait to them both very soon.

  3. Vi Spinner permalink
    February 28, 2015

    Amazing little guy! So great that he has a big bro to show him all the tricks and have a good time with. And I get to see them soon.

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