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Finn — Five Months

2015 March 29
by Becky


Holy Moley Finn’s little life is flying by while we run around entertaining big brother. As the second child, he is handling the whole never-getting-a-day-planned-around-him thing very well.

We just returned from Finn’s second trip, marking his second round of successful plane rides and second visit to the ocean. Pretty worldly for only five months of life.

Probably the biggest news, taking place on the sleep front, we’ve stopped swaddling. I was sure we’d have this kid strapped into a Miracle Blanket for 9 months but over our spring break we noticed Finn sticking his fingers in his mouth more, sometimes even finding his thumb, so we put him to sleep one morning with arms all akimbo.


He went right to sleep. Like it wasn’t any big thang. He’d been going through some pretty intense sleep regression (waking up FOUR times a night) so with arms out and letting him shout through a midnight wake up or two (after just eating a couple hours before—he wasn’t starving) he surprised us the next day with only ONE nighttime food order, which I’m more than happy to oblige. Things continued in a good way.

Other than that, I’m not gonna talk about sleep because it always ends up jinxing us.


Finn’s new developments include:

  • Thumb sucking. It’s wonderful!
  • He’s also MUCH better about taking a bottle. This will open up a new chapter on mom getting some time away.
  • He’s a near expert with his hands, anything within reach is fair game.
  • There’s a mighty fine patch of hair on his head, getting thicker and fuller by the day
  • Getting more mobile. He sometimes rolls from front to back, and likes to roll to his side and taunt us with rolling back to front. He’s done it once. I’m not ready for more.


  • Suddenly he’s interested in Dewey, because who can resist Puggle snuggles?
  • His volume has gone up. Instead of crying, he “shouts” his nightly meal requests.
  • Moody is how I’d describe him this month. Clingy at times, seeking entertainment, happiest when attached to me via sling or wrap.
  • Loves wearing only a diaper. Who can blame him?


  • Thinks Dad is the most hilarious dude ever. His face when Stu walks through the door from work…priceless.
  • Drooling everywhere, all the time.
  • Super smiley. If his belly is full, he’ll smile his little face off.
  • Growing appetite. The moody thing leads into this, he gets fussy and proceeds to beg me for food until I let him camp out on the boob.
  • Chewing on toys is his game, and other people fingers, if allowed. Chomp!
  • He’s ticklish


  • Lately he’s “loving” blankets and soft toys, even burp clothes. He’ll snuggle them, chew a little, then pull the item back to have a conversation with his eyes. It’s rare but adorable.
  • We’ve entered the “distractible baby” phase where nursing can take forever. Every sound or voice he hears requires a break to check things out and get involved. Ethan thinks it’s pretty entertaining to make noises and Finn finds it just as fun.


So that’s Finn at five months. He’s doing his usual “change-up” right as the month closes. He went from fussy and constantly hungry to chill and easy…now back to hungry. As soon as we get used to something, it changes.

What doesn’t change is that he’s SO adorable and sweet. He makes me want to hurry up and have another one before I lose my nerve…but we’re very very very happy as a family of four so that seriously won’t be happening.

ADD to that the fact I’m going a little nuts being schedule-less and seeing no clear path for my own personal future and it’s pretty clear we’re sticking with just the two.

But he is an absolute joy. Couldn’t be more perfect.

5 Responses
  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    March 30, 2015

    Adorable!!! He is growing so fast!! Love his blue eyes and the picture of him and Ethan.
    I cannot wait to see them both again.

  2. March 30, 2015

    Make sure you dress him in plenty of blue to match those beautiful eyes. He is defintely a joy!!!

  3. Lara permalink
    March 30, 2015

    It’s unreal how you managed to have two blondes. You have some seriously dominant genes! Finn and Ethan are seriously so adorable, and, moreover, so adorable together. By the way, Zoe is *just* 19 pounds, so at this late, Finn will weigh more than her next week. :)

    • Becky permalink*
      March 30, 2015

      I know, right??? NEVER did I think I’d have a blonde kid, much less two. I really thought Finn was destined to be a mini-Stu. Finn is so soft and smushy…I love it.

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