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Finn: 22 Months

2016 August 1
by Becky


This post is all about Finn at almost two years old. It’s taken me forever to write because it never feels like I can capture everything going on with our little man who’s gotten quite big and talkative in the last several months.

Every time I think I’ve written it all down, he goes learns something else.

Nevertheless, however incomplete, here’s a little tale of our boy at almost two years old. I’ll begin with an unbridled gush…


Finn is the sweetest little boy.

He is an absolute joy to be with every day and we are completely enamored with him. His enormous smile is completely infectious and his morning kisses melt my heart. He’s cuddly, patient, funny, and smart. I know it’s probably the second kid effect, but I feel like he’s much older than 22 months.


He plays on his own, feeds himself, drinks from a cup, takes stairs like a champ, tells me about poopey diapers (inconsistently, but still), is completely comfortable with any babysitter, and follows so many directions it shocks us.

He understands everything we say.

Usually I would attempt to make a list of what Finn’s saying these days, just so in five years when Finn being 22 months seems like something we only imagined, I can say “Oh you were saying doggie!” Thing is, Finn says EVERYTHING. He’s even putting words together, like “mama rocks in shoes” and “Ethan take turns” and is saying “Thank you” to everything. He loves counting and is solid from one through five. He’s attempting to sing Twinkle, ABCs, Itsy Bitsy, and will always stop to dance along with Uptown Funk.

What does Finn love at 22 months?

Pigs. His “Piggy” is his favorite thing in the world and watching him interact with the cute stuffed lovey is quite the spectacle. He finds pigs everywhere, in books or shows or pictures, and shows everything to Piggy, all while making the phlegmy snort sound that’s really hard to describe but hilarious to hear. It’s an Ikea animal, which I find amazing since Ethan still sleeps with Sharky, also an Ikea find. We’ve made a trip to Suson Farm to see all the pigs and he went nuts trying to pet them through the fence, plus we found the wild pigs at the zoo. I’ve even shown him videos of mini pigs on Youtube, those were a big hit. A pig party is in the works…


He loves “choo choos” and we build tracks on the dining room floor every day. He’s getting pretty good at putting the pieces together and loves the details like the tunnel and ramps. He doesn’t quite get the concept of hooking multiple train cars together, but loves driving Thomas. He’s not all that interested in riding on the Zoo train, but loves waving when it passes by. His favorite train books are The Little Train, Steam Train Dream Train, and Goodnight Train.


He loves our traditional morning snuggles. Both kids come into our bed when they wake up, which is usually between 6am-6:30am. I’m not quite ready to brave the day at that hour so we cuddle up for a bit. Finn gets milk and we turn on cartoons. They bring blankies and animals and we fill the king size bed. Finn never cared about the shows, until a couple weeks ago that is, when Mickey Mouse Club House became his jam. Ethan of course has no interest in this “baby show” (although he’s glued when it’s on), so mornings when Finn toddles in saying “Mih Mow” Ethan puts on a big show of NOT wanting to watch Mickey Mouse, instead requesting whatever Lego show happens to be available on Netflix. Therefore we are compromising, they take turns, alternating days. Finn has no concept of this and gets irritated on Ethan’s days. Being the flexible kid he is, he deals.


He loves going through any accessible drawers in our house. My bathroom drawer is his favorite. He removes lids and brushes his hair and puts lotion on this feet while I get ready. Anything questionable has moved up to the window ledge or been locked away. He takes tupperware and sippy cup parts out of kitchen drawers along with the citrus squeezer and measuring spoons. I’ve had to remove the junk drawer from our kitchen cart to avoid any terrible Sharpie or Super Glue accidents. Child-proof latches are like gold around this place.


Most of all, Finn loves whatever big brother is doing. I got them matching electric toothbrushes that has been the key to blissful teeth cleaning. Finn wants the same food, same drinks, same shoes, same toys, and will mimic anything Ethan does, good or bad. Ethan is a really good sport but of course gets frustrated sometimes. They play together very sweetly. My favorite thing is watching Ethan read to Finn.


What else? He like balls and trying to hit them with a bat or throw them in a net. He likes doing laps around the kitchen cart singing, “Popsicle, la, la, lee, la,” over and over. He LOVES water and accosts any and all drinking fountains he sees. He also likes to sneak drinks out of Dewey’s water bowl (barf). He loves sleeping…takes a solid 2 hour + nap every day and goes to bed at 7pm sharp.


He’s showing his opinion more often these days. If he’s frustrated he may throw things, like trains or dinosaurs or train tracks, which is not great. We’ve started 30 second time outs on the bottoms step, which worked the first few times, but now he very willingly runs to the step and kicks his legs while I count so I think their effectiveness is questionable. Sometimes he puts himself in timeout. Ethan was never affected by timeouts either but at least it’s a redirection.

Finn is amazing and we love him to pieces. Before we even know it his second birthday will be upon us. Just gotta find a pig who’s willing to attend.

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  1. August 1, 2016

    I love this! Coco will be two in a week (!) and I could have written almost an identical post about her two months ago. I’m astonished by how she understands everything we say and how she’s putting sentences together (when her sister lets her get a word in). The desire to have everything just the same is going on here, too. 22-26 months is a difficult stage, I think, because there’s such strong will and desire for independence but they are still total irrational bay-bees! The cute makes up for the challenges, though.

    • Becky permalink*
      August 1, 2016

      I didn’t realize Finn and Coco were so close in age! It totally makes sense, I just thought she was older. It’s that older sister who makes her so mature :)

  2. Linda Johnson permalink
    August 2, 2016

    Finn is priceless!! I cannot wait to see him this weekend.

  3. August 2, 2016

    These days are flying by. I can’t believe he’s so big. Adorable photos. I really love that piggy one.
    Kristin recently posted..project addition: tight schedule / all hands on deckMy Profile

    • Becky permalink*
      August 2, 2016

      Thank you, the piggy one almost did me in. Took about 5000 shots to get one in focus, he never stops moving! Speaking of days flying by, as I was drooling over your new bathroom post, I started clicking through old posts and WOW I can’t believe E and F were ever so little. Makes me love our blogs even more, all those memories at our fingertips.

  4. Sandy schon permalink
    August 3, 2016

    He’s a cutie!! I think we should keep him!!

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