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Finn: Almost Three

2017 September 21
by Becky


In true second kid style, I completely forgot to talk about Finn’s first day of preschool!! Well first day at his new preschool anyway. In St. Louis he went twice a week all day, lunching and napping there so I could grab him after work at around 4pm. Here in Northern Virginia, the preschools for littles are more of a half day situation, therefore Finn had no issues transitioning. He’s loving the small class and nice teachers at the new place, taking great pride in choosing the snack we pack each day. If anyone has trouble with the back-to-school schedule, it’s me, trying to figure out a normal routine with every day being a little different.

Don’t get me wrong, I love having lots of Finn time. His recent developments have me realizing just how short these toddler years are. He tries so hard every day to keep up with big brother, doing all the things I’d never have let Ethan do at this age. Just the other day I was talking to friends about how much we expect of the second kid, it’s a little unfair.

That is, until they prove they CAN do just about everything you think they are capable of, which brings me to our biggest news of the month. Finn is POTTY TRAINED!!!


Just three weeks ago, we were changing full diapers and assuming he would be well over three when he decided to do this. He was SO defiant and even seemed to take pleasure in using his diapers, holding power over us in any little way. But Stu left for a work trip (to Paris…must be rough) and not a day later Finn started saying “YES!” every time I asked him to go potty, getting ready excited when I mentioned a sticker chart. In one day he filled a whole row of his chart and got a prize, setting him with a determination I’ve never before witnessed in him. He was on a roll.

Oh, and here’s another prime first vs second kid example:


Yes those are eye ball stickers, frantically dug out of a coloring book drawer after promising “star stickers”, which I had no luck finding at the grocery store, the only place we went that could possibly have stickers on the day he decided this was going to be a thing. Finn did not care one bit! He was pumped about his chart and was filling it up so fast I ended up adding a couple more lines to the bottom that first night.

It took about three days.

I’m STILL in shock. I even sent him to his second day of preschool in underwear because I was SO confident he would be ok! (And because he was heading to the potty every 4.5 minutes, leaving little time to have an accident.) Life feels lighter without diapers. But I almost cry every time I see the boys both running around the house in underwear (their FAVORITE thing to do), in shock that our baby days are over.


When he doesn’t have school, we explore. It’s weird not having Ethan with us, I’m still not used to him being in school every day and I’m constantly having deja vu from my days with Ethan at this age. Especially after I trimmed Finn’s mullet-like baby curls and he looks SO much like his brother. What started out as a bang trim ended up being a full cut because I just couldn’t stop, it looked so cute!!

And then I cried about the piles of curls on the floor and freaked out wondering what Stu was going to say when he got home. ( He loved it! Whew.)

We’re doing lots of the same things E and I used to do when we lived here 4.5 years ago. Walking around the National Mall and feeding the nicest ducks in the world (that hopefully don’t have rabies), checking out museums, the zoo, and new-to-us places like Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (which will be a post in itself soon), steadily checking off our mile-long list of “Things To Do Immediately in DC”.

So while we still see plenty of toddler behavior—like when he refuses to eat a piece of breakfast sausage because it broke in half as we took it out of the package—this dude is growing up too fast.

Anyone need a hundred diapers? I was overbuying in an attempt to reverse-psychology fate into getting him potty trained. Worked!

6 Responses
  1. Anne permalink
    September 22, 2017

    You could offload your diapers to the DC diaper bank! It’s a great organization, and there is probably a diaper bank collector (ambassador) near where you live:

    • Becky permalink*
      September 22, 2017

      great idea Anne!

  2. Sandy schon permalink
    September 22, 2017

    Finn’s “over night” changes are dramatic. His new hair, the potty training, preschool and almost three!! I can hardly recognize him!! ? Can’t wait to see my “big boy” in October!!

  3. Linda Johnson permalink
    September 23, 2017

    I agree with Sandy! What happened to Finn the Toddler!
    Love his smile, new look and cannot believe he will be three!!

  4. Patti Voboril permalink
    September 23, 2017

    Ethan is so adorable and so big!
    You can donate the diapers to the Hurricane Relief.

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