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Finn: 9 Months

2015 July 28
by Becky


It’s been a HUGE month!

At 9 months Finn is on the move! It’s like you sit there and encourage your baby to move around, to crawl, to stand, and you think they’ll never get it. Then like two days later they do everything all at once and you think, “Crap, now they can get into everything.” 

Funny the things you sort of forget. Like how we had to put gates across our staircases and couldn’t leave anything sitting around anywhere because out of a room full of toys, it’s your gin and tonic coffee the baby wants to investigate. Time to get the safety hooks out and on the cabinets! But I’m excited to put together the “Fun Cabinet” in our kitchen, the one Finn can open and go through, filled with containers and lids and random, safe kitchen utensils. We broke out the music table, it was a huge hit. Whatever the case, baby-proofing is in FULL force.


After a couple weeks of Finn perfecting his downward dog and plank moves, I headed in one night for his “midnight snack” (at 4:45am) to find him sitting up in his crib—a first. From there, Finn started pulling up on furniture (or your leg, or the dog) before he successfully crawled. One day, I turned around for a second and when I looked back he was standing at his toy box. So now he wants to do that pretty much all the time.

Like when he’s done napping.


I forgot how cute it is to fine your baby doing this. Standing in the crib, so proud, watching for you to walk through the door.

And he figured out how to use a straw one day while I was holding him and a (non-alcoholic) drink  in the same hand as I chased Ethan around the Magic House. Suddenly, I realized Finn had hold of my straw and was sucking away, thrilled he’d discovered the magic that was a frozen lemonade. He’s done this to my iced lattes a couple times too—that could get ugly.


We place him in his highchair three times a day and he goes to TOWN on some food. We pretty much hand him anything, he eats it all. Right now the top favorites are raspberries, turkey meatballs, spaghetti with marinara (both kids adore this recipe), and grilled cheese sandwiches. All the sudden we went from mango puree in yogurt to full fledged meals. He still likes purees and yogurt and all fruit, but he wants and likes what Ethan eats so, for the most part, we give him a lot of the same stuff. No allergic reactions so far, so good!



Oh and he’s a PRO at eating popsicles, just like big brother. I make them in my $1 Target popsicle mold with fruit and coconut water (and some spinach) so he can have a big, fun, messy party on hot afternoons.

What else?

  • he loves bubbles. We procured a bubble machine just to entertain the boys…and it totally works. For like 15 whole minutes.
  • he still screams REALLY loud. Really, really loud.
  • he’s back to saying Mama, though I’m not convinced he means me, it might mean “more food”
  • he already loves “tackling” and “wrestling” with Ethan, but he especially enjoys hugs and kisses from big bro
  • thinks anyone’s food is fair game, better be ready to offer a bite
  • is still crazy about bath time. As soon as the water goes on, he’s trying to climb over the side of the tub in anticipation.
  • he waves bye-bye and is very proud of this skill
  • his favorite toy is a set of chirping eggs…he and Ethan are both obsessed
  • there have been a few tussles when Finn tries to Hulk-smash Ethan’s “work” (legos, blocks, whatever) but Ethan is being pretty darn patient
  • wants to be entertained or held if there is any sort of lull in entertainment…aka I get nothing done when he’s awake (unless there are bubbles, see above)
  • gets SUPER excited when dad gets home from work and/or when I get back from being gone for any amount of time
  • loves to watch brother be silly, he laughs and violently squirms as Ethan runs around and makes funny noises
  • Ethan loves to move Finn away from his toys by picking him up from behind. I’m not so thrilled.
  • he’s more attached to me than ever before, I see separation anxiety getting ready to rear it’s ugly head…


Probably my favorite development this month is Finn’s growing interest in reading books. We weren’t having tons of luck keeping his attention, the touchy-feely books made him a little happier but still squirmy, until I pulled out Where’s the Puppy? It’s hands-down the least-beautiful book we own, given to us at one of Ethan’s preemie developmental assessments at Children’s National Center in DC. No illustrations or vibrant colors, no adorable characters or rhyming rhythm.

But, whatta know, Finn LOVES it.


It is the complex tale of a puppy who keeps hiding behind flaps in the book. It took Finn about two seconds to figure out how to lift the flaps, laughing every time he “finds the puppy”. From there we’ve also had successful readings of Goodnight Moon, Where’s Spot, and B is for Bear…he’s clearly a genius. We read every night before bed and I can’t WAIT to start taking him through our massive children’s book collection.

My least favorite development? His early morning wake time, which ranges anywhere between 5:30am and 6:45am. He’s always been an early riser, that’s not new. While he used to go back to sleep while nursing or snuggling in bed with us, now when he wakes, he’s READY TO GO. There’s no sleeping in while Ethan watches his morning show, I just feed and wrestle Finn as he crawls all over us in the bed, smacking us in the face with the toys we hand him, yelling loudly in our ears, and trying to hurl himself off the side. One of these days I’ll realize it’s best to just get up. That 5:30am wake time is usually just reserved for Saturdays. Lucky us.

Other than that, we can’t complain!

He naps perfectly, is happy 98% of the time, always smiling, lovey, friendly…and now mobile.

This next month should be interesting.

3 Responses
  1. July 29, 2015

    You are spot on with Finn’s assessment!!! During my 10 day visit the daily changes in his abilities were amazing and can walking be right around the corner?!! He’s a wonderful little guy and Ethan is a fabulous brother. Thanks for letting me share in your lives and enjoy my grandsons.

  2. Linda Johnson permalink
    July 31, 2015

    Adorable! He is growing up so fast and learning so much. As always love the monthly photos of Finn’s growth. He is one happy baby boy.

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