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Finn: 8 Months

2015 June 28
by Becky


We are currently off the grid, schedule-less, enjoying a summer vacation visiting family in Western Nebraska, but there’s no forgetting our baby boy is a month older today.

In a month he’s gained a tooth, added a meal, and had whole lot of pool-side experience. Oh, and this morning I’m 99% sure he said his FIRST WORD. I may be nuts, but I went to pick Finn up and he plainly said, “Mamama”. Then said it a couple more times with my encouragement. Whoop!! This is quite a coup since Mama was probably 10th on Ethan’s word list…way behind “Uh-oh” and “Dada”.

Summer has so far been a flash of camps for big brother and tons of rain. Finn must think water falling from the sky is more normal than not, it’s been the wettest summer I’ve ever experienced. We’ve spent a lot of time inside or covered by the porch, good thing Finn doesn’t care…give him toys and and big brother, he’s happy.


When the rain has stopped for even a minute, the sun comes out and it gets HOT so we go running for the pool. Ethan is tall enough to touch in all areas of our YMCA pool so he’s Mr. Independent, tearing off into the water the second he’s slathered with lotion. Finn rolls with it, lounging in his baby floaty or sitting in the beach entry, splashing constantly. He’s even explored the splash pad—getting pummeled in the face with water is fascinating stuff!


He’s also tested out our trashy little backyard baby pool with Ethan—tons of fun. Especially with bubbles, Finn looooooves bubbles.



We’ve gained a few small strides in the movement department, just in the last few days getting up on his knees and toes, doing some downward-dog and rocking moves as if he has somewhere to go. He’s done some backwards crawling too, getting stuck under a few pieces of furniture, just like big brother did at this age. Our days of a stationary baby are very limited.


Other new stuff:

  • He notices animals and things they are very funny. Just this week he’s pet a donkey, a toad, about 10 cats, several dogs, and a goat.
  • Along with “Mama”, “Baba” is a common utterance though we don’t know what it means yet. I think it refers to food, he usually says it while eating. Whatever the case, he’s clearly trying to form sounds, we can almost see wheels in his head turning while he moves his mouth.
  • He took his third flight this month.
  • He really eats everything. We can put him in his highchair and keep him happy with bits and pieces of food for an hour. He’s almost mastered the pincher grab, very patiently trying to get food in his mount all by himself. He likes purees but would much rather eat whatever we’re having.
  • He still loves everyone. No tears, no shyness, he will let anyone hold him and he’s always ready to give some big smiles.
  • He lets out big belly laughs every day.
  • He has mastered sitting and balancing, now he’s on to pitching forward to get on his belly for exploring. We have to be much more careful now about him rolling or diving in to or off of things.
  • He’s still waking up for a snack between 3:30am and 5:30am, but always goes back to sleep.

We’re getting in lots of grandparents snuggles in the next week or so, Finn loving the animals that The Farm has to offer. He is so flexible and easy to travel with, just like big brother. He makes each day an adventure!

3 Responses
  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    June 30, 2015

    Adorable!! I cannot wait to give him hugs and kisses!!

  2. Monica permalink
    July 5, 2015

    “Baba” means father in many different languages!! Such a cutie!

    • Becky permalink*
      July 9, 2015

      Awesome! Finn is so worldly! :)

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