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Finn: 7 Months

2015 May 28
by Becky


Who’s seven months old??

Things are just getting cuter by the minute around here, Finn is a big, beautiful boy. The biggest news is his appetite. Hence the butternut squash covered baby in the picture above. We went from “tasting” food to all out devouring everything offered.


Finn’s eating: apples, bananas, blueberries, avocado, strawberries, puffs, grapes, pears, peaches, raspberries, but his absolute favorites include butternut squash, mango, papaya, graham crackers, and oatmeal. We give him tiny bites of other foods too, tastes of whatever we are eating (within reason, VERY limited sugar). He’s hungry for solid food at 7:55am and 5pm, like clockwork. He spits some out and is pretty messy, but it’s cute so who the heck cares? Those pincher fingers are almost working up to speed, he’s trying so hard.


It’s pretty fun eating food when you have TWO TEETH!!! After months of constant drool and lots of spitting up, two little teeth just popped up. The bottom, middle, fronts are fully in and being used to chomp everything. 

Update: Finn popped two top teeth the night I wrote this post so that brings our total to four.


I know it may totally jinx me but I must say, for my own records, sleep is wonderful. He is sleeping JUST like Ethan did at this stage, goes to bed at naps and at night like a champ and only wakes once at night, somewhere between 3:30 and 5:30, always going right back down till 6:30/7am. Sometimes he doesn’t wake up at all (or he does and we sleep through it). He loves our morning ritual of snuggles with cartoons, he hunkers down in the middle of the bed and watches big brother while playing peek-a-boo with the sheets.

The cutest part is his lovey. I started nursing him with this monkey lovey tucked under his arm and within a couple days he was hooked. He snuggled Mr. Monkey every night now. There’s also a duck character of which he’s quite fond. He also sleeps on his stomach consistently. The day of finding him sitting up in his crib is right around the corner.


Speaking of sitting, he now prefers sitting over “standing”. He sits for really long stretches, playing with toys and watching other kids running around. He’s still a head-bonk risk so I watch him closely. Sitting is awesome for the bathtub! He adores taking baths with Ethan and sits on his own (with my hands very near by) to play with toys and splash. Ethan is so careful with him and patient about keeping the water level low while little bro is in the tub.

What else:

  • His hair has a hint of strawberry in the blonde…interesting.
  • He loves putting clothes or blankets on his face, then kicking his legs
  • Plays peek a boo
  • He’s striped to a diaper most of the time, we can’t get enough of his baby pudge and soft skin.
  • He rocks a mohawk on special occasions. Like a Saturday afternoon walk to the park.
  • He says a clear noise, sort of an “Uh uh uh” sound means he wants something. Like when he saw the bubble bottle we’d been using the day before, he looked at it and went “Uh uh uh!!” Until I started blowing bubbles.
  • There’s no interest in crawling yet but he’s very good at pushing himself up on his hands while on his tummy.
  • Blows loud raspberries. Constantly.


  • Loves swinging, just like big brother.
  • Still likes to be carried or worn much of the time.
  • Will go to anyone, especially our babysitter Sarah, he thinks she is the BOMB (so do we).
  • I’m loosening up on the morning nap schedule…till this point I’ve been fanatical about it. That 1pm snooze though, that will be in place for the next four years. At least. Ethan’s still going strong!
  • He wants to play with toys all the time, grabbing at anything in reach. Things brothers toys are amazing
  • Is overall the happiest, most agreeable baby. Rarely fusses about anything.




Playing with toys will bring the brothers together every time. Now we can all play together, though kind of far apart when Ethan is building with the tiny Legos and other itty toys he loves so much. How Finn will make it another month without choking on a How To Train Your Dragon sword or mini sea creature is beyond me.


Finn is amazing and each day it’s more fun watching him interact with Ethan. I am shocked and awed by their bond, how Ethan takes everything Finn-related in perfect stride. Having Ethan home from school full time this week has been a blast, Finn watches his every move. I fear Finn’s mobility, him moving and getting up in Ethan’s business more has problems written all over our happy-brother situation, but till then, I’m basking in the glory of what Ethan calls, “peacefulness.”


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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    May 29, 2015

    I love your monthly updates on Finn. He is just adorable like his big brother. Such beautiful eyes and that smile is priceless.

  2. May 29, 2015

    I couldn’t wait for you guys to start eating food. So fun to watch the excitement of EATING!!! The crib picture is the best.

  3. Royal permalink
    June 2, 2015

    I love this. I rarely let my two play together. I need to loosen the reins a bit and let them interact more. What dolls you have!!

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