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Finn — 6 Months

2015 April 28
by Becky


And just like that, the first half of Finn’s first year is behind us.

I think the biggest difference this month is his level of activity…the guy doesn’t stop. He wants to play and stand (always with help) and watch activity all the time. And if you don’t do what he wants? He YELLS at you.

“Bah!! Wha!!”

Not crying, just really really loud yelling. Sometimes he’s just talking, other times he’s demanding food or a new form of entertainment. It’s increasingly hard to accomplish anything when he’s awake.


He’s sitting a little more every day, but isn’t all that interested in it yet. He doesn’t understand the world will open up when he can maintain that upright position. We help him practice every day, sometimes having to fight him to bend his body when he turns into a stiff plank—especially when we put him in the car seat. He thinks it’s hilarious and looks at Ethan with a big smirk while we wait for him to bend.

Rolling…it’s happening a lot. Put him on his back and he usually flips right over. This has made tummy time more fun and taking these monthly pictures 764% more difficult.


His cloth diapers make it more difficult, but he is all about sucking on those piggies. As soon as the diaper comes off, the toes go in. Sometimes he alternates thumb and toe, thumb and toe.


What else is he doing?

  • Puking everywhere, all the time. We had four months of a barf-free baby before the flood gates opened. If you smell something sour, it’s probably me.
  • Loves school pick up. He doesn’t make a peep or fuss, he just watches all the kids with total wonderment.
  • He drools so much. It’s like buckets of drool are dumped on his shirt once an hour. The Matimati Drool Bibs, a gift from my friend Kristan, have come in super handy.
  • He’s been fussier this month. He doesn’t like being laid down, therefore isn’t all that thrilled with diaper changes these days, something he’s loved since day one.
  • He’s had a runny nose for at least a months, and hates having his nose wiped. We use the NoseFrida a lot around here.
  • He’s tried a little food! Throughout month five I’d hand him an apple slice or pop a tiny bite of banana in his mouth, but it wasn’t till this week he actually tried to eat. The first day sitting in his new high chair at the breakfast table, he clearly felt left out, so I grabbed a spoon and fed him homemade applesauce, then fresh avocado scooped from the skin. We’re taking more of a baby-led weaning approach but still offering some mushy stuff. His tongue-push reflex is still pretty strong but he enjoys being a part of meal times and spits out less with each attempt. Ethan is great a giving demonstrations.



  • He really likes to ride on our backs in the Ergo. I didn’t attempt this hold with Ethan until he was well over two, but it’s a great option for Finn and saves our backs…front carrying is pretty straining. If Finn is fussy, this is as instant mood-booster.
  • His interest in animals grows by the day. From “petting” (grabbling handfuls of hair) Dewey and Murphy to the baby animal books with the touchable fur, he’s into it.
  • Speaking of the animal book, we have added a book to our night time routine. He pets the pages and looks at the colors and even seems to understand turning pages, though he can’t do it yet. We stick to the same 2-3 books every night but I can’t wait to put more in rotation…he’s got a room full of adorable books.
  • He takes baths with big brother! Once he started sitting, I plopped him in a shallow tub with Ethan and we’ve never looked back. Finn loves the water. I always have a hand on him for support when sitting, but he also likes to lay down to kick his legs—it resembles navy seal-like water boarding—yelping and grunting with joy as brother gets splashed. They play with toys until Finn inevitably spits up in the water, which calls for a refill and some solo bath time for Ethan.
  • He goes with the flow. I try to keep him on a pretty strict nap schedule, but when Ethan isn’t in school he just rolls with our day, sneaking in a morning nap when he can. That said, the afternoon nap is ALWAYS happening at our house, both boys sleep for at least two hours at 1pm. They say the second child is more flexible and so far Finn is just that.

Ethan is Finn’s obsession, his entertainment, and his example for everything. I’d hoped they would love each other, but had no idea the bond siblings make as such an early stage of life. Finn thinks everything Ethan does is amazing, Ethan loves Finn more every day. It’s incredible.


So that’s Finn! He continues to be the cutest baby, changing by the minute, and becoming more fun every day.

My little monthly photo project wasn’t all that well thought out, I’ll be lucky if at 11 months he fits on the soft, shearling blanket I’ve used as a background these past months. But so far the montage of photos works as I’d hoped and tells the story of year one. So I call it a win.

Here’s six months of Finn!


7 Responses
  1. Grandpa & Grandma Voboril permalink
    April 28, 2015

    Finn is so cute. It’s hard to believe he’s six months old already.

  2. Linda Johnson permalink
    April 29, 2015

    Finn is too cute and growing so fast! He is a big boy and it’s so nice to have a big brother who adores him.

    Is that some dark hair I see on the top of his head?

    Miss those two and hope to see you soon.
    Grandma hugs

    • Becky permalink*
      May 4, 2015

      Yes Linda, dark blonde hair :)

  3. April 29, 2015

    Yes, he’s a cutie!! So fun to see the changes from month to month.

    I miss them so much!!

  4. Alicia permalink
    April 29, 2015

    His smile is just the cutest thing! Love your blog :)

  5. Kristan permalink
    May 2, 2015

    He’s so darn cute!! Yes, the bond between brothers is amazing! I love watching them together (when Quinn isn’t torturing him, although he doesn’t seem to mind). Brotherly love for sure!!

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