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Finn: 14.5 Months

2016 January 19
by Becky

Wow have I been slacking in the blogging department.

Just so it’s all even, I’m also way behind on my video and picture taking, my motivation has been in the dumpster since the holidays, the birthday party really did me in. I just can’t focus on planning anything…at all.

BUT, life goes on and something SUPER important has been happening around here. I somehow paid attention long enough to put together this little video that should explain everything.

Just shy of 15 months, Finn is walking!

Here we thought it would happen so much earlier than his preemie brother, but at around 14 months they completely evened out capability-wise. I popped out here to the blog to read this post about Ethan at 14 months and it was like I was telling Finn’s story…funny how that happens. But Finn has taken to this walking thing pretty seriously, practically running at times, with this look on his face like, “How was I not ALWAYS doing this???” It’s like having a drunk person wandering around the house all day.


Outings are even more fun now. The Science center, Magic House, heck even picking Ethan up from school is more exciting with Finn walking down the hallway, always stopping at the mosaic wall he never noticed while being carried around. Now I vividly remember those days of Ethan getting into everything…Finn has taken it upon himself to just go through our entire house, top to bottom. Anything within reach is fair game.

So what else is he doing? Lots:

  • Talking. Finn’s still pretty quiet on the talking front, only saying Mama, Dada, Uh Oh, Nana (banana), and the beginnings of Apple. He’s better with noises, making a growly “honk!!” for the dump truck in Little Blue Truck, the “ssssss” of a snake, and the “growl” of a lion. Probably may favorite sound is his “singing.” We sing the Star Wars theme pretty much non-stop around here and Finn has caught on to the first few notes, it’s adorable.
  • Pointing. He points constantly. It’s many time a guessing game as to what he wants, but it’s usually food. Anything he sees is what he’s hungry for, so we have to hide things on the counter—bags of chips, the bowl of clementines, his sippy cup—or he’ll just stand in the kitchen pointing and making the hungry sign.
  • Food. Speaking of being hungry, OMG can this kid eat. He’s a super snacker, taking down applesauce squeezies and Lara bars and goldfish like he’s never been fed. Clementines are his jam, he can eat two or three in one sitting. Pancakes with syrup to dip his favorite breakfast. He thinks chocolate is delightful and his absolute favorite foods are anything brother is eating.


  • Toys. Finn’s favorite toy at the moment is Ethan’s remote control car that transforms into a triceratops. He knows the remote makes the car go, bringing it to us constantly so we’ll drive the car around. He’s even getting pretty good at driving the car himself! He likes magnets, Duplos, the play kitchen, and the little hand-me-down slide we got him for Christmas. He also likes pretty much anything he sees Ethan playing with.
  • Snuggly. He gives the best hugs, patting our backs and squeezing his whole body around us in a baby monkey grip. He rests his little head on our shoulders…it’s so sweet. He’s really attached to me, throwing little fits if I don’t pick him up when he wants, especially in the evening.
  • Brave. Finn isn’t afraid of much. He plops right into a bouncy house, gets himself to the top of and down slides, climbs on chairs, and hops on any riding toy. No major accidents have occurred yet but I’m always on guard.

Finn had a few firsts in the last two months:

  • First ice cream cone
  • First steps
  • First stomach flu
  • First candy cane
  • First night away from mom (or my first away from him…)


I find myself planning a lot more around Finn, he’s rapidly gaining skills and a sense of his surroundings, having so much fun wherever we go. Our days are filled with baby play dates, trips to the Science Center Discovery Room, and mornings at the gym tot watch. The gym was a tough one, he used to SCREAM when I dropped him off so I got used to running on our treadmill during his morning nap. Over the holidays it was clear he was no longer needing the morning snooze so I made it my mission to get him over his separation anxiety. It took a whole week, but he’s much more willing and less miserable going into the giant room full of cool toys, other babies, and nice caregivers…sounds like total torture to me!

The newest person in Finn’s life is his part time nanny. I’m headed to work two days a week and he’ll be hanging back, partying without me. I’m sure he’ll handle it like a champ! Hope the same goes for me…

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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    January 20, 2016

    The video of Finn is so adorable! He grew up so fast! I could tell at Christmas he was not afraid of anything, especially climbing up and down the slide.
    So happy to hear you are spending a few days at work. You have so much talent Becky!
    As always, love the blogs.

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