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Finn: 11 Months

2015 September 30
by Becky


Oh this kid. He’s got one more month under the one year cap and he has me on my toes at every moment.

You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to get this one picture…hint: really really hard. Almost impossible.

He’s crawling—fast–all over the house with the intention of getting into anything not nailed shut. Finding the dog water bowl was a huge coup, the bolt covers on the toilet, big brother’s drawers (which he shuts his little fingers in every time), the diaper sprayer, basically anything that isn’t a “toy”. And climbing…he starts hitching that little leg up over everything, like the dishwasher. He can also climb stairs like a pro…we need to get a wider gate to close them off pronto.


But he still LOVES toys. As long as we’re there with him, he’ll focus on toys for long stretches of time. He loves his Squeak Eggs, this weird stacking toy called Daisy Maxi, random kitchen utensils, the music table, and a bag of SmartMax magnet toys are his favorites. He also really likes the latch board we made him, it’s simple but really fun! I don’t remember Ethan playing with toys like this, with total interest and excitement.


He’s starting to stand on his own, letting go of his support to do something like play with a toy. His balance is getting better by the day and his standing spells are lasting longer and longer…he’s very close to taking steps.

His favorite foods include kiwi, any kind of small pasta and sauce, yogurt, and dried strawberries are my go-to happy-maker snack.

He’s getting very good at being patient and interested in reading books before nap and bedtime, his favorites are The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Goodnight Moon, Where’s Spot? (my 30 year old book with all flaps somehow still intact!), and B is for Bear. I love reading with him and am always trying new books, testing his patience a little more each day. Books are fully a part of our daily routine, just like his big brother.

Speaking of bedtime, Finn is still sleeping about two hours at nap (1-3) each day, when we are home we do a one hour morning nap—but that is soon to be given up, I can tell. Bedtime is still pretty firmly at 7pm, he’s ready and reaching for his crib, sleeping till around 4am when he wakes for a snack and goes back down till between 6am and 7am…usually on the earlier side. We’ve had occasional sleep set-backs where he tries to wake up more but a few “Shushes” and a little fussing gets him back on track.


An unfavorable development is diaper-change fussing. He loses his mind every time we get dressed or change his diaper. I thought it was the changing table, maybe he didn’t like it anymore, but the venue doesn’t really seem to matter so we give him a “toy” (a medicine syringe…whatever it keeps him happy) and hope he gets out of this stage sometime soon.

Here are things Finn’s learned this month:

  • Peek-a-Boo, covering his eyes and pulling them away
  • Blowing kisses
  • Giving “5”
  • Drinking through a straw
  • Using the munchkin snack-keeper things
  • Rode his first carousel
  • Had his first ear infection and first round of antibiotics

Finn’s baby days are numbered. As soon as he gets that balance thing figured out he’ll be in full toddler status, which seems to be just weeks away. I’m planning his birthday party and pulling out the 12-18 month clothes, putting shoes on his chubby little feet and demanding he do things on his own. I’m sad to see him grow up so fast but excited for all the fun stuff to come.

Here’s a little look at my monthly photo project, nearly complete. One more month to go…


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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    October 1, 2015

    I love your blogs Becky!! They keep this Nebraska grandma up-to-date on my precious grandson’s. Finn is changing so fast!! I especially enjoy the 1-11 month growth chart and Finn in the dishwasher. I cannot believe he will be one and look forward to seeing you blog his first steps.

  2. October 1, 2015

    So fun to see how Finn has grown throughout the year!! Can’t wait to be there for his first birthday.

  3. October 2, 2015

    Those are such cute monthly milestone photos. Love it.
    Brooke recently posted..When All the News is BadMy Profile

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