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Family Christmas

2011 December 19
by Becky

After surviving the last week of runny noses, hacking coughs, sleepy eyes, and everything else that goes along with sick mom and baby, celebrating our family Christmas on Saturday morning was a treat. Since we will be spending the holidays in Nebraska with my family, we decided to do a mini Christmas here in Virginia.

We talked about Santa and even read some of The Night Before Christmas (my abbreviated impatient-baby version) before putting the Peanut down for bed on Friday night. Then we had a glass of  wine while wrapping a few presents we bought for Ethan and nestling them under the tree.

In the last few weeks I’d decided that Ethan needed an activity table like the one he’s been playing with at the gym daycare. It would be his “big” present this year. They typically sell for around $50 but, in my endeavor to not buy everything brand new, I was just sure I could find one second-hand. I reached out to the Old Town Mom’s message board (on Yahoo) and was contacted by several people ready and willing to part with their like-new tables. I chose a LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table and picked it up from the seller who lived just a mile away. It is in perfect condition and set me back only $10. Deal!

In the morning, we sneaked past the tree for breakfast before taking Ethan in to see what Santa brought! Ethan was looking so handsome in his very fancy Ralph Lauren striped pjs—a gift from a very generous family friend. When we walked into the living room, he noticed the activity table right away…a big smile spread across his face and he didn’t stop staring until we put him in front of it to play. He immediately knew what to do! He pulled himself up to start banging away at the little musical “instruments” across the top of the table. There was lots of laughing, grunting, and talking.

We also gave Ethan a shape sorter bucket, some stacking cups, and Grandma Johnson sent a very cool Busy Ball Drop that fascinates Ethan with noise and action. While Little Man can’t really work any of these toys on his own quite yet, he has fun chewing on the pieces and watching us use them. He’ll be schooling us in no time I’m sure.

Stu and I exchanged a few small gifts we didn’t want to lug across the country, but we agreed that giving and watching Ethan open gifts is WAY more fun then giving them to each other. Again, what did we do before we had a baby?

After playing for an hour or so, Ethan went searching for his all time favorite toys, wooden spoons and tupperware. Oh well! Guess you just can’t beat the old stand-bys. You can see the big is intact. We have a fountain of drool flowing at all times due to the four top teeth coming through. Poor guy!

I’m glad we had a chance to show Ethan how this whole Christmas Morning thing works. He will be all ready for the real thing next weekend! Hopefully grandma and grandpa Schon didn’t go TOO out of control on presents.  No matter what, between Christmas and birthday, we will be shipping things home.


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  1. December 19, 2011

    We got a table like that for Otis’ bday–I asked all my friends with kids a little older who wanted to get rid of theirs :) I am slacking in sending out your present for Ethan, but now that’s a good thing–I’ll throw in a bib too! I just got some cute organic cotton and I have some organic fleece on its way. Four teeth at once is no fun.

    Have safe travels and a good Christmas!!

  2. Sandy Schon permalink
    December 19, 2011

    Those were great pictures!!!! It will be so fun to have him here. I have a little fabric box full of little wooden cars, tupperware and spoons. We have some presents, but we didn’t go crazy. We just want to watch him crawl, stand and play.

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