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Fall Leaves & Sushi

2012 October 9
by Becky

I’m not really one to talk about the weather all the time, but OMG the last few days have been a welcome break from our sweltering summer.

I’ve actually been COLD! How fantastic it that? And look at what the weather change does for the scenery…

So far, my favorite part about this season is dressing Ethan. Doesn’t he look completely adorable in that puffy vest??!

We spent Monday walking all over Old Town, showing Gaga and Papa just how cute our little neighborhood is. A stop at Misha’s Coffee was a big hit. Otherwise our goal was finding pumpkins, or “Pupums”, for Ethan.

No, the above picture is not our house…I wish it was. We just stopped to visit the pumpkin. The beautiful houses in Old town are always a treat to see while wandering the neighborhood. Hope the owners of this one don’t mind us grabbing a quick shot!

Gaga Patti showed Ethan the art of crunching leaves, proving she knows exactly what toddlers love to do.

He caught on pretty quick.

Another big event of the week was Ethan’s First Sushi.

Stu and I are sushi fanatics. We don’t go out for it that often (usually order in after little man is sound asleep), but when we do, it’s downright impressive the hurt we can put on some spicy tuna and salmon nigiri. So we were too excited to show Ethan was it’s all about at our favorite local spot, Momo Sushi.

We told him all day where we were going for dinner, which got him saying “Susha? Susha?” the whole way to the restaurant. Upon arrival, he immediately picked up the chopsticks and handled them like a pro…that is, if a pro chopstick user just opens the package and bangs them around on the table.

He slurped up spoonfuls of miso soup, tofu and all. It probably helped to wash down the pint of edamame he devoured right before.

After he demolished some Cheese-Its, pineapple, and half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (brought from home) the sushi arrived. The Peanut was pretty excited.

He’s saying “Susha!” in this picture. You can see the puzzle pieces all coming together. (Oh! That’s what they’ve been yammering about.) He was quick to attempt grabbing a handful of spicy tuna, only to get masago sauce all over his hand…false start.

He was anxious to try something, so I cut up some unagi (eel) and tuna nigiri—he loved them both. I mean, how could anyone NOT like this stuff??!

I think we have a sushi eater on our hands here. Yay!!! My wish for a non-picky eater was granted, to a “t”.

There will be many more leaves to crunch and lots more sushi to inhale in our very near future. Can’t wait.

What crazy stuff have you fed your kiddo lately? 


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  1. October 10, 2012

    My little guy has a vest just like that and I agree, dressing them is the best! We recently went to buy a winter jacket and hat for him. He refused to take the hat (with poofy ball on top) off and ran around the store finding all the manequins and holding their hands, as if he thought they’d start walking with him! Toddlers are hilarious. Glad yours liked the sushi!

    • Becky permalink*
      October 10, 2012

      Hilarious!!! Ethan is not so keen on hats at this age…last winter he didn’t give us trouble but this year may be more of a challenge. He’s given mannequins funny looks before…must be so confusing!!!

  2. October 15, 2012

    my little guy likes sushi too!
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