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Exploring St. Louis: Millennium Park

2016 July 23
by Becky

Exploring STL: Millennium Park 2

There this amazing playground that, I’m discovering, not everyone has visited.

I was talking about it at the Tower Grove Farmer’s market this weekend and was stopped by two people who overheard me describing it, asking for more info, saying they’d never heard of it and wanted to go. Clearly we’re all on the hunt for new places to explore.

Exploring STL: Millennium Park 3

Have YOU been to Millennium Park?

It’s nestled discreetly behind Barnes Jewish West County Hospital, just off 270 on Olive Road. I know, it’s a lot farther out into the county than I usually venture for a playground. But a while back I had plans with a St. Charles friend and we decided to meet half way, which happened to be at this new park I’d heard about. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to check it out.

As I followed Google’s directions, it seemed impossible a playground would materialize—we were driving past an ER entrance and saw signs everywhere for patient parking. Then, just when I was sure we were lost, the grassy knolls of a park appeared in the distance. We grabbed our picnic and towels and headed in, Ethan ecstatically pointing out all the cool equipment.

Exploring STL: Millennium Park 4

The park features three play structures with something for every age, plus a pavilion, covered benches, swings, restrooms, and a fenced splash pad. Our kids dispersed to explore and played happily until lunch, which we set up on a shady hill on a blanket.

Exploring STL: Millennium Park 6
Ethan came ready to splash, so once everyone was sweaty and finished climbing around, we headed to the splash pad. They started slow, just a hand in the water here and there, before going for the big soak.

Exploring STL: Millennium Park 7

Exploring STL: Millennium Park 9

My friend and I loved the fence, no kids went wandering across the playground between jet jumping. We had the place practically to ourselves which is always an extra special treat. This park would be a  great place for a birthday party or family gathering.

I meant to post this SO long ago and somehow got side-tracked, but everyone needs to know about this place, if only to change up the park routine this summer! It’s yet another amazing (free) St. Louis adventure spot to add to your list.

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