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Exploring STL: Forest Park Jewel Box

2013 May 13
by Becky

I was afraid we’d missed them.

But last week, they were still there.


The Jewel Box Tulips at Forest Park.


After weeks of “We’ve gotta go!” and “It’s going to be too late!” I threw Ethan in the car and we drove the few miles over to Forest Park to see this sight. Just one of my favorite parts of our sprawling and magnificent city park.

We’ve been spending so much time in our new neighborhood that we’ve just not made it over to Forest Park much since we moved back.

In case you aren’t familiar, Forest Park is over 1,300 acres of museums, ponds, bridges, golf courses, a zoo, jogging paths, and historic buildings…like the “Jewel Box”. It dates


The Jewel Box was built in 1936 and, while kind of as expected on the inside…beautiful and the perfect space for a small wedding ceremony or private event, spectacular on the outside. It’s where the “magic” happens. Tulips in the spring, lily pads in the summer, covered in leaves in the fall, glistening with snow in the winter.

The tulips, my favorite feature, are perfection every year. The mix of red and yellow popping agains the wide expanses of green. Reminds me of the Wizard of Oz sometimes…if only they were poppies.



We spread our picnic blanket (always ready in our trunk) over some freshly-cut grass and basked in the sun amongst snacks, Dr. Seuss books, and dinosaurs—things Ethan packed for our trip. Of course I had to get a long-arm photo (or I don’t make it in any) and am seriously questioning my hair… brontosaurus on the other hand, looks great (can you see him?). 


After writing this, I couldn’t help but look back to my first post about taking Ethan to this park. He was the tiniest Peanut, fresh out of the NICU, sleeping in the stroller for our long walks.

Makes me wonder how the heck I carted such a bitty baby all over town. It was I could do to get him fed and to bed but now I’m trying to keep him from falling in the reflecting pools. Feels like yesterday and a million years ago all at the same time. Watching him running down the paths on his own, exploring, all the while I’m whisper-shouting “Don’t TOUCH the tulips, just look!” as he dashes about.

Loving this age.

I’m betting the tulips are just about done, but if you hurry there may still be time to see them in full glory.

St. Louis readers, what’s your favorite part of Forest Park? 

2 Responses
  1. May 14, 2013

    I get so nostalgic when I read your STL posts :-) My favorite part (if I have to pick a favorite) is art hill. When we lived in the CWE we’d go over there all the time and hang out…fantastic people watching. :-)

  2. May 14, 2013

    Glad you made it in time for the tulips. I miss that every year unless we are somewhere else where tulips flourish. Thanks for sharing. Ethan looks great.

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