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Ethan’s Two Front Teeth

2015 December 14
by Becky

I can’t believe I’ve said nothing about Ethan’s big news.


Ethan's First Loose Tooth - Out

We were so unprepared. Assuming this was a ways off, I was totally shocked when I picked Ethan up from school one Thursday afternoon to look across the car and see a weird gap in the front of his teeth. When he talked, the tooth wiggled. I semi-yelled, “You have a loose tooth!!” in total shock, which scared him a little but that fear turned into total elation in about 2 seconds. I took a minute to more closely inspect the looseness and confirmed…that sucker was gonna come out soon.

Ethan's First Loose Tooth - Wiggly

Snaggletooth city.

Ethan couldn’t stop wiggling the tooth, talking funny and refusing to bite anything. He told anyone within earshot, “My tooth is loose, and I’m not even 5 years old!!” We played with a buddy that night, one who IS five, and she was more than a little jealous about the situation…apparently five year olds are in hot pursuit of loose teeth.

By 10am the next morning, he announced, “It’s out!” A perfect little baby tooth. I never thought this would be such a milestone, but wow was it ridiculously fun to experience.

Ethan's First Loose Tooth - Out

He was crazy-town excited about the whole thing and couldn’t wait to put the little tooth under his pillow that night. The event led to some detailed talks about money, saving money, what can be bought with money, and that piggy bank that’s sat on his shelf, untouched for five years, was brought down and inspected. I’ve dropped change in there from time to time so it was fun to count it out and start explaining the different denominations…boy is that a tough concept to drive home.

He knew exactly where to put the tooth.

Ethan's First Loose Tooth - Hiding Tooth

I was terrified I’d forget to make the switch, but Stu was totally on top of it, digging under two giant sharks, a pillow, and Ethan’s head to retrieve the perfect little incisor.

Ethan's First Loose Tooth Fairies

I barely know my name when I first wake up, but Ethan came busting into our room at 6:15am, holding his shiny gold dollar coin high and proud. “She came she came!!!” he shouted and held the coin all morning. It didn’t even phase him when a friend at school—who lost the exact same tooth—announced he’d received FIVE dollars for his tooth.

Two cheers for money making no sense to my kid.

Ethan's First Loose Tooth

There’s another wiggly one in there already, right next to the missing one. At this rate he’ll be toothless by spring.
And he just might be wishing for his two front teeth for Christmas.

How much does the tooth fairy bring your kiddo? Am I a cheapskate?

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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    December 15, 2015

    Great post Becky and thanks for sharing. I love the look on Ethan’s face when he puts his tooth coin in the bank. What a fun first for all parents.

  2. December 15, 2015

    Loose teeth are big with six-year-olds too! Frances finally has a loose one on the bottom – it’s coming out any day now.

    I think that’s the right amount of money from the fairy, the shiny gold coin is extra awesome. We always got a quarter when we were kids, and sometimes $1 if something really crazy happened, like it had to be pulled or it accidentally got swallowed.

    Here’s a crazy story for you – I had EIGHT teeth out on my fourth birthday – I lost them super early, and all at once. It was crazy, and I couldn’t eat anything. I was glad both girls lost their teeth later. I was worried that Ella would lose them early because she got her teeth so early – she had all 20 before 11 months!!! Ella started losing them at five, and probably her first 6 or 8 she lost always came out on holidays or trips or monumental occasions. It’s a family joke that any significant date was marked by the loss of a tooth in our family. (Her first one came out on Christmas Eve, in KY, just an hour or so after we told her that she was going to be a big brother or sister. Talk about monumental.)

    Losing my teeth so early and fast sucked though, my big teeth didn’t have enough room in my little mouth, and they came in all wonky and had to be pulled and then braces. My girls have SUPER straight teeth, so fingers crossed they break the bad luck streak on orthodontics.

    Congrats to Ethan!
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    • Becky permalink*
      December 16, 2015

      I’m sorry but I laughed really hard about your 8 missing teeth…I can’t even imagine!! I was watching Amy Schumer’s stand up and she was joking about how she didn’t loose her two front teeth till 5th grade and got her period the next day, so it doesn’t sound like loosing them late is all that great either!! :)

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