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6.5 Weeks in the NICU


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Maybe some day I’ll have a super sophisticated blog that shows search results more then three posts at a time, but until then I’ve put together this page where you’ll find ALL of our NICU posts at your fingertips. All 45 days of our Little Man’s journey home.

If you are in the NICU with your baby, I feel your pain. I hope that some of our stories will help lift your spirits and keep you in a positive mind-set. I know reading blogs about NICU experiences helped me tremendously as I sat at Ethan’s bedside day after day.

Surprise! Baby Ethan Has Arrived

Ethan – Two Days Old

Day Three

Day Four

Day Four – Evening Visit

Day Five

Day Six

One Week Old!

Visiting Ethan

Day Eight – No More IV!

Day Nine – Best Birthday Ever!

Famous Preemies

Day Ten and Eleven

Day Twelve

Tuesday – Day Thirteen

Wednesday – Two Weeks Old!

Thursday – Day Fifteen

Friday – Day Sixteen

The Weekend – 34 (Gestational) Weeks Old!

Movin’ To The Big Boy Bed

Tour of Ethan’s “Crib”

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Schon

January 22 – 35 (Gestational) Weeks

Hitting the Bottle

Flu Season is Official Here

Day 30 – NICU Quarantine

A Great Saturday and How Ethan Gets Home

Bath Time in an Ice Storm

The Ice Storm Goes On



He’s Home!


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