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Two Days Old

2010 December 31
by bvoboril

In a few minutes Ethan will be two days old.  I have to say, it feels like much longer then that!

Today has been much more calm.  Ethan has continued to eat since last night, and his fluids have been ‘upped’ because he’s taking them so well.  He has to eat through a feeding tube in his nose right now, which isn’t the most comforting-looking thing, but his sucking-while-breathing skills are just too unsteady to try a bottle yet.  Plus, the food goes directly to his stomach and the nurses can much more closely watch how it’s being accepted by his body.

Very soon he will be feeding by breast whenever possible, and bottle in between.

We were there this morning for rounds and heard all the reports from the docs, all very comforting and positive.  He was very alert and awake so we took him out of the incubator and held him for a while.  Hoping to do some skin-to-skin contact (also known as “kangaroo care”) tonight because all research shows it helps babies thrive at any stage.

More pics! (again, tube not hurting him, nothing to worry about)


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