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Ethan Talks

2014 August 26
by Becky


We are laughing harder than ever before at the hilarity that exits Ethan’s little mouth. Funniest part? He’s always SUPER serious about it all. 

Dad: “Ethan, what day is it?”
Ethan: “Monday. Then Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Thursday, and another day, and then the baby comes out!”

While watching football: 
Ethan: “That’s that quarterback, that’s the running back, and that’s the fence.”
Stu: “DE-fence buddy”
Ethan: “Yeah, fence.”

While driving home before nap time (AKA pretty much the only time I’ll let Ethan have my iPhone):
Ethan: “Mom, can I have your phone in the car?”
Mom: “Yes.”
Ethan: “Thank you mom. That is SUCH a nice word. I love that word.”

Ethan’s new favorite answer to our requests:
Dad: “Ethan, go potty and put on your shoes so we can go for a walk.”
Ethan: “Aye Aye Dad!”


While walking through the lobby, after washing our hands at the doctor’s office. Ethan has a day-old sticker on his hand.
Ethan: “Mom! You got my sticker wet!”
Mom: “Sorry bud, we had to wash our hands.”
Ethan: “Ugh! Mom, it’s really wet. You are ruining my life.”
The full lobby erupts in laughter.

While sitting in traffic.
Mom: “Common!! Go cars!”
Ethan: “Mom, I have special powers to make traffic go faster.”
Ethan squeezes his eyes closed and raises his hands up. Light turns green, cars so moving.
Ethan: “See??? I told you! I have super powers!”

After showing Ethan how to play a new reading-prep game on the iPad:
Ethan: “Ok Mom, I got it. You can go do the laundry now.”

While at the playground next to some kids with their grandma:
Ethan: “Mom, why do grandmas live in Florida?”
Mom: “Not all grandmas live in Florida, just some.”
Ethan: “Lots. Lots of them live in Florida. Let’s go there.”

Trying to rough-house with his pregnant mom, while standing over me, on the couch:  
Ethan: “Mom, I’m going to jump on you, catch me!”
Mom: “Ethan, no way. You will squash the baby.”
Ethan: “Mom, it’s ok. That’s how babies work.”


About anything subject…
Ethan: “Mom/Grandma/Dad, when I was your age…”

On knowing his parents’ strengths: 
Ethan: “Mom, I sat on my helicopter and it broke”
Picking up the broken piece:
Mom: “It’s ok buddy, it will still work, we can’t fix that part.”
Ethan: “I’ll ask dad to fix it when he gets home. He’s an engineer.”

While listening to Rixton’s “Me and My Broken Heart” in the car:
Ethan: “Mom, I don’t get it. How did his heart break?”

While practicing writing letters:
Mom: “Wow, what a good letter B! Pretty soon you will be writing all by yourself.”
Ethan: “Yeah, and then I won’t need you anymore!”

3 Responses
  1. August 27, 2014

    Those dialogs are so funny. I remember when you told me that” I only had to pay money and drive. ” We still say that all the time. Then came the day when we only had to “pay money!” You were driving all over at 15!!!!! Not sure how we survived.

  2. Linda Johnson permalink
    August 27, 2014

    I agree with Sandy, Love the Ethan dialogs.!!

  3. September 8, 2015

    Thank you Sue, yes thats exactly what good about these conisreatvons, and also that some people like to talk about serious or personal things and others just want to comment on the weather

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