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Ethan Rides

2015 October 18
by Becky

Ah the blog. I think about it constantly and write to it, um, never.

It’s not only the busy days that keep me from writing, not only the computer issues I’ve been having (one of which blew away Finn’s finished first year video…I got it back thanks to obsessive back-ups), but it’s also a severe case of writers block. I used to sit at my computer and just write, releasing thoughts and descriptions and stories I’d been formulating all day. Three times a week wasn’t a problem for me. Now once a week feels like torture. Even the best weekends or events are hard to get into words on the screen. So please don’t take my absence as laziness or disinterest, don’t leave and forget about us. Someday it will be easy again. Hopefully soon.

That said, some pretty great stuff happened this weekend. After five days trapped in the house with a croup-ridden baby, Friday felt like a jail break. So when Ethan asked to ride his bike without training wheels, we were happy to oblige. It’s something we do every few days as his confidence grows. Well, this weekend marked the leap from wobble to riding. He’s got it!!

At just shy of five he’s full-on riding a bike without training wheels. I knew doing family rides would get him more motivated, but never thought it would happen so fast. In just a few months on training wheels he’s mastered the balancing act and is SO proud. Sunday was his biggest solo ride, all over the park and all the way home with only a couple little (harmless) spills which resulted zero tears.


In all honesty, we’re totally shocked. Never did I think it would happen so soon. But we are over-the-moon proud and even more excited for our weekend rides. He’s gone from an overly-cautious toddler to a down-right daring kid. It makes me a little nervous but I love how much fun he has when he’s brave.


Another milestone, check. Another thing our little guy can do all by himself, check. These are the moments, as a parent, that rock me. The days we watch our kid work hard and accomplish something big, being rewarded with a life skill or new level of understanding. It’s elicits a feeling like no other, indescribable pride and an overflow of emotion. Like you can’t even begin to explain how crazy happy for them you are. It’s incredible.

I tell him it seems like he doesn’t even need me anymore, but he assures me he does. For things like driving, making him food, putting him to bed, making sure he’s got “cute” outfits, and, of course, to take care of Finn. Thank goodness I’m not out of a job yet!


So here I start another week with high ambitions, plans for working out and eating right and writing. Volunteering at the school. Dropping off that package off at UPS. Returning library books. Finishing a few long-over due projects. Keeping my fingers crossed things don’t implode due to a sick kid or other small crisis. For a little extra motivation I’ll just watch Ethan’s bike-riding video. What an accomplishment.

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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    October 19, 2015

    Way to go Ethan!! Love the bike video while listening to proud Stu encourage Ethan along.

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