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Ethan Meets Gaga & Papa

2011 April 11
by bvoboril

Like they have the past five years, Stu’s dad and step-mom (AKA Papa and Gaga) came for a visit and to run the half marathon…but this year they got to spend time with Ethan!

Somehow the GO! St. Louis Marathon & Half Marathon weekend became a family event. It started with Stu running the full marathon and Greg running the half. Then, the next year, Stu and Greg BOTH ran the full. The year after that Patti joined Greg for the half while Stu took on the full (his fourth). And last year, I joined everyone for the half marathon.

This year, needless to say, I did NOT run. But everyone else did and it was HOT. SO hot, the full marathon was cancelled! Good thing Stu didn’t have time to train for it this year. It was much warmer then Greg and Patti are used to living in the Central Coast of California—they have NO humidity and milder temperatures.

But the highlight of the weekend was Ethan getting to meet his grandparents. Patti and Greg are pros after spending lots of time with Brandon and Sierra (Stu’s step-sister Holly’s kiddos) and Annette (Stu’s sister Amy’s new baby). There were lots of smiles (that’s right, smiles!), cuddling, and dozing. We also took a long walk in Forest Park and ate in every night…Greg and Patti are so fun to cook for!

3 Responses
  1. Linda Kosch permalink
    April 11, 2011

    Becky and Stu,

    Love the photos of Grandma and Grandpa Voboril and the 3 generations of Voboril “boys”! Greg looks just like our
    Grandpa Voboril holding me and Cousin Trudy (Steve Jambor’s sister) in 1952!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Linda Voboril Kosch

  2. Joe Schon permalink
    April 14, 2011

    Great Picture of three generations of Voborils!

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