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Ethan is 14 Months Old!

2012 February 29
by Becky

Today the Little Man is fourteen months old…is he a toddler yet?!

He’s up to all kinds of things these days. As you can see, he is still chewing on EVERYTHING. Including the bamboo tray on our ottoman…what a bizarre thing to munch on.

He regularly says several words: “Hi”, “Da Da” (Dada), “Uh-Oh”, and “Hot” with extra emphasis on the T. We’ve heard the beginnings of “Mama” a few times, but no where near as much as Dada. He jibber-jabbers up a storm all the time now…there is rarely a quiet moment when he’s busy playing. In the mornings, he will sit in his crib just repeating his words over and over until we go in and get him. Hey, it keeps him busy! We do alphabet flash cards (a beautiful set by Eric Carle) every day…he is mesmerized by them.

Little Man went from eating everything in sight to hardly eating anything at all…the last two weeks have been a challenge. I hate how much food I’m throwing away! But everything I read says to keep exposing him to lots of different foods, even if he doesn’t seem to want them. Thank goodness yogurt, pancakes, Gold Fish, and purees are always a sure thing. Fingers crossed we are back to eating a wide range of foods very soon! Ethan has also become very interested in using a spoon, so we work on it a little every day.

The Peanut is not yet walking on his own, but he loves to push his Winnie the Pooh walker and any other push toys around the house, sidewalk, and/or the park. He stands without assistance more and more, but not for very long. He has figured out how to hold our fingers and walk…something he wanted no part of just one month ago. We are 100% ready for his first steps and can’t wait till he can run around with his buddies—I’m starting to think he feels left out!

We’ve been on the two-nap-a-day schedule for a while now. He wakes up around 6 or 6:30am and HAS to have his morning nap at 8:45am. He sleeps for about 1 – 1.5 hours and is then ready to go. After lunch at noon and some play time, he goes back down for a hour or two. We feed him dinner at 5pm and he’s asleep by 7pm. We just lay him in his crib, give him he blanket, then he rolls over on his side and falls fast asleep. It’s basically the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Special Skills

  • We’ve been giving Ethan “five” a lot and he thinks it’s hilarious.
  • Shaking his head “No”.
  • Doing a perfect tarzan “Ah-a-ah-a-ah-a-ah”.
  • Waving (but only on HIS terms AKA not when we ask him to)
  • He loves taking things out of other things, reverse, repeat.
  • Putting shapes in sorter bucket
  • Swimming! Had his first dunk under the water this week.
  • Pointing
  • Stacking blocks
  • Opening doors and cabinets
  • Pressing play on iPhone videos
  • Knows everyone by name and turn head when asked (Dewey, Dada, Mama, Grandma, Murphy, Mickey)
  • Drinking out of his sippy cups on his own…he finally figured out how to tip them back


Favorite Things

  • He loves to hand us his toys, but then wants them back
  • Riding in the push car at the park—I think he could do this all day
  • Eating ice cream
  • Mickey Mouse doll and the Mickey Mouse Club House show on Disney Channel
  • “Drinking” out of all cup-shaped vessels
  • Playing in the dishwasher
  • Putting things in the little drawer on his music table
  • Dancing to music
  • Playing in his “oatmeal box”
  • Nursing 1-2 times a day…yep, it’s been 14 months of the boob
  • Pulling everything out of “his” cabinet…and occasionally throwing things in Dewey’s water
It is exhilarating to watch Ethan figure out new things…he understands SO much. He looks or points at things we say…like Dewey or Dada. He says “Hi” to strangers at the grocery store. He repeats sounds we make. He’s beginning to show interest in sign language. He’s like a little sponge just soaking up every little bit of information!
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4 Responses
  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    March 1, 2012

    Thank you Becky the update on Ethan. He is just darling and growing so fast. I love his “cabinet” and the picture of him sitting in Oatmeal with his Rolling Stones shirt.
    I look forward to Ethan’s first walking post and video..

  2. Sandy Schon permalink
    March 2, 2012

    Loved all the pictures!! We’ll see how the oatmeal lessons work in sand in March. Can’t wait. Browning up nicely here in Mexico, but sadly we leave tomorrow and back to reality.

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