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Ethan + Dewey + Murphy = Love

2011 November 9
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by Becky

I’ve mentioned before that Ethan LOVES our animals.

Our dog, Dewey, is very patient with Ethan but I wouldn’t say he loves Ethan back…yet. Murphy, the fat cat, is surprisingly tolerant of all things baby. Ethan isn’t especially gentle with Murph—it gets down right rough sometimes and I have to peel Ethan away from the fur ball.

But either pet will bring an instant smile to Little Man’s face. Even in the midst of a breakdown, seeing Dewey run into the room makes Ethan instantly happy. He especially likes it when Dewey is feeling playful and makes ‘growling’ noises.

Dewey and Ethan had quite the moment on the couch last week. It seemed pretty serious:

 Ethan: Dewey, I’m glad you are here on the couch. We need to have a talk.

Dewey: Uh, I’m kind a busy staring at the door here Ethan, can this wait?


 Ethan: Dewey PLEASE! I can’t go on without getting something of my chest!

Dewey: Oh man, I knew this was coming.

Ethan: Dewey, since I’ve been around, you’ve packed on a few pounds. It’s getting kind of out of control. I’m worried about your health.

Dewey: Ethan, I’ve told you before, that is part of me being a Puggle. I’m not fat.

Ethan: For instance, this turkey neck you’ve got going on here. That’s normal?

Dewey: Sure, you have to point out my neck. You know that is a sensitive topic.

Ethan: And this wrinkly face. Is there an exercise you can do to tighten that up?

Dewey: Look, I think I’m fine. I like my weight. I’m happy.

Ethan: I’ll help you! We can crawl around together, pull up on things, and roll around. Pretty soon I’ll be chasing you all over the house. You’ll be in shape in no time.

Dewey: I don’t know about this. It’s gonna infringe on my laying around time. But I’ll try.

Ethan: I’m so happy!!! This is going to be great! Let’s hug it out buddy!!

Dewey: Can I go back to sleep now?

Murphy was feeling pretty left out after witnessing this intimate exchange between Ethan and Dewey. Not to worry, he got some special attention too:


6 Responses
  1. Erika permalink
    November 9, 2011

    Love this post and picture conversation! So funny!

  2. Linda Johnson permalink
    November 9, 2011

    I loved this blog!!!!

    The music playing while Ethan was with Murphy was fantastic!!!

    Keep them coming Becky..

  3. Lara permalink
    November 10, 2011

    I laughed a lot reading this one. I love the conversation.

  4. Suzie permalink
    November 20, 2011

    Omg, I haven’t read your blog since before I had Weston, thank you so much for making me laugh! This was awesome!!!

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