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Ethan: 21 Months

2012 September 27
by Becky

Every night when Stu gets home from work, he opens the door and howls, “Is there an Ethan in here?!”

Ethan proceeds to FREAK OUT.

Running, hiding, turning in circles, giggling, and screaming. Dad coming home is super exciting.

And when Stu finally lays his eyes on The Peanut, gets a good look at him after another whole day of growing, he almost always exclaims, “He’s not a baby anymore! He’s a little boy!”

And that pretty much sums up the last month for us.

Watching our baby really become a little boy.

I mean, look at that outfit. And you should see how fast he can move. There isn’t much baby in there anymore.

Oh, and luckily he doesn’t mind doing some modeling for me…

So what’s he up to this month?

  • He’s saying everything…it’s amazing. His recent favs are “hel-cop-ter” (helicopter), “far-truck” (fire truck), and “im-por-ta” (important), “tha-hue” (thank you)
  • He bosses the dog around. “Dewey! Come Here!”
  • When you ask him where something is, he points to the thing and says”Right here!”
  • He can officially count to ten. We count everything.
counting the bananas

  • He loves to bake with me, even helping me with a couple Pinterest-ing meals! He calls everything we make “dough” and likes to stand on the step stool to watch and count everything I put in the bowl. Cups of sugar, tablespoons of baking powder, bananas, everything.
  • He no longer cries at the gym Kids Club, just runs in the door and never looks back.
  • He wants to walk all. the. time. We sometimes have to force him, kicking and yelling, into the restraints of his stroller.
I got him a little table and chairs, so he likes to sit there for meals (infrequently, we prefer the high chair), legos, and coloring. He’s getting really good with that spoon.
While they change frequently, here are some current favorite things:
  • Favorite Food: raspberries, strawberries, crackers (any), avocado, and anything sweet
  • Favorite Books: Runaway Bunny and Good Night Moon
  • Favorite Animals: Turtles, ducks, caterpillars, and butterflies
  • Favorite Shirt:  Blue Mickey Mouse
  • Favorite Toys:  Stacking cups, choo choo train, and Rody
  • Favorite Things to Watch: airplanes, dump trucks, tractors, and firetrucks
  • Favorite Things to Say: “Oh No!”, “Oh Gosh”, “Mama”, and “Choo Choo”
  • Favorite TV Show: Mickey Mouse Club House, but Elmo will always trump all

He’s a pretty mellow guy still, doesn’t run off or get himself into too much trouble yet.

I just jinxed myself. Great. 

There have been a few tantrums here and there, but nothing major. Since he can express his needs so well with words, I try not to respond to yelling and whining…he has to ask for what he wants and say “Please”. If he does lose it, I just kind of let him fuss/cry it out. Like yesterday in Gymboree when he went nuts becuase he didn’t want to sing a song, therefore no one else could sing it.

Mama don’t play that.

So he threw a tantrum and I let him. No on there cared and he didn’t get any attention for it, so he quite pretty quick.

Speaking of songs though, he loooooves to sing and listen to music. He asks for “Mu-ma?” if we don’t have our iPhones playing or the car stereo on. He has starting singing along to things on his own, which thrills me to death. He even makes requests, like his favorite song, “How Must is That Puppy In the Window”. I’ve made up several new verses so it changes quite often. Ethan doesn’t care, he just wants to say “Arf Arf!” at his cue.

We are so thrilled that he has become remarkably good at staying occupied for a bit when we need to do something “boring”. We limit TV at home, so there is very little guilt in handing him my iPhone from time to time when we are loading up at Ikea, I need a quick adjustment at the chiropractor, or we’re on a long-ish car ride.

And finally, I must mention the “switch that has flipped”. The one where Ethan has become very aware of his diaper situation, coming to me saying “Mama, Poo Poo” when he’s got a fresh load. Even more thrilling is when he gives me a heads up before it happens…which prompted my ordering of a potty chair this week. I’m not going to pressure, but if he is warning me it must be a sign.

So now we are past the 20 month mark and so much closer to the big 2. Yikes!

I’ve already staring working on his party theme and two year video (see last year’s here)…it’s gonna be a good one.

5 Responses
  1. Sandy Schon permalink
    September 28, 2012

    What a big boy!!!!

  2. September 28, 2012

    Can’t wait to see him!!

  3. Grandpa Joe permalink
    September 28, 2012

    Great photography and documentation.
    Can’t wait to see Him in St. Louis.

  4. Patti Voboril permalink
    September 29, 2012

    He really has changed from the little tot to a little boy. He’s growing so fast. It is so cute how he crosses his feet while sitting in his car seat. We’re so excited to come visit.

    • Becky permalink*
      October 2, 2012

      Excited to have you! And Ethan crosses his legs because I’m so stubborn about turning him around—he still faces backward! Till 2!

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