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Ethan: 19 Months Old

2012 July 26
by Becky

We blew right past 1.5 years…where the heck did July go?

On Sunday, Ethan is officially a 19 month old. And out of those 19 months, the past two weeks have probably been the hardest since we left the NICU. Damn you molars!

So what’s Ethan up to lately?

Well, he’s getting pretty darn good at eating with a spoon. If I could just leave him alone and not try to clean up the mess every five seconds (I literally have to hold myself back or just walk to the other side of the room) he would probably be even better!

He’s making lots of noise. New words, new sounds—the kid can talk like we can’t even believe.

He is really into animals and noises right now, so, in addition to the list I wrote last month, he says all of the following animal names and sounds:  dog (bark!), cat (meow!), cow (moo!), horse (neigh!), goat (maaa!!), chicken (bok-bok!), toad/frog (croak!), duck (kack kack!), elephant (baa-ro!), mouse (skeet!), lion (rawr!), alligator (rawr!), and he’s getting close to crowing like a rooster (cock-a!). He also knows fish, turtle, yak, caterpillar, bug, birdie, pig,

He loves singing songs. Well, he loves when we sing songs while he yells out various words and helps with hand motions. Like Itsy Bitsy Spider, If You’re Happy and you Know ItPatty Cake, and Wheels on the Bus. Just last night, while playing with a musical puzzle, he let out an “E-i-e-i-o” along with the Old McDonald tune. No matter the song, he loves yelling “Yea!!!” at the end.

One of his favorite new words is “Wow!!!” He says it about LOTS of things.

He waves at EVERYTHING. Hello and good-bye. To people, the pool, Dewey, sticks, shoes, the TV, cars, construction cranes, and the list could go on all day. If he’s near it, it’s getting a wave, especially when we prompt “Say hi!” or “Say bye!” Lately he’s added the words “Hi _______” and “Bye ________” to the waving. This morning it was “Bye Cane!” to the construction crane that we see every day at the swimming pool.

Speaking of the swimming pool, we’ve been taking lessons again. I do it because he LOVES water and it’s good structure and socialization. But man if it isn’t frustrating to be right back where we were in the spring lessons, leaving each session early because The Peanut just won’t stop crying. He can play in the same pool for hours, but if a lesson is involved, he wants none of it. Outside of lessons, he’s REALLY getting good at swimming! His kicking skills are awesome.

The Peanut is a reading machine. He has always been a book lover, has to have at least three read to him before bed every night, but he now enjoys them all on his own! In the car, in his bed before/after nap, just hanging around the house—he loves to read. He never rips the flaps off or tears pages. He’s definitely my boy! Neat and tidy.

Little Man has several favorite things. He still loves bubbles, can’t help but pick up every stick he finds on the sidewalk, and can entertain himself with just a hose or bucket of water. He is over his blueberry obsession, moving on to strawberries (especially the freeze-dried ones from Trader Joe’s) avocado (“A-ga”)and kiwi (“Ke-ee”). Oh, and pushing buttons…he wants to push any button be it an elevator or the a/c unit in our upstairs window.

And he LOVES planes and boats! This kid can spot a boat or a plane from a mile away. “Bo!” he’ll yell as we are walking along the Potomac. I’ll look and see a speck of a boat skimming across the water. He points and shouts “A-eh” when he spots an airplane, of which we have no storage with Reagan International less than two miles to the North. We recently checked out the 100th Anniversary Titanic exhibit at the National Geographic Museum in DC. The Peanut and Dad had quite the movie-moment.

Finally, since Ethan is such a good eater, I like to take him out for “lunch dates” at least once a week. Sometimes we meet up with friends, but many times its just us grabbing a bite after grocery shopping at Whole Foods or chowing on some guacamole (“A-ga!”) at Chipotle. He especially loves the mac & cheese at Panera Bread—it IS pretty incredible. So until he hits the “Terrible Twos” and can’t be taken into a restaurant, we’ll be having special dates around town.

So that’s what is new with Little Man! He gets bigger and cuter every day and does something new (and usually hilarious) at least once an hour. I hope this molar non-sense will be over soon, but in the meantime I’m trying to tell myself to just enjoy the Mamma-clininess and take it as a compliment!


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3 Responses
  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    July 27, 2012

    Ethan is just adorable and growing so fast. I cannot wait to see him the end of August.

    Love the picture of Stu and Ethan at the Titanic display.

  2. Grandpa Joe permalink
    July 27, 2012

    Happy Birthday – 19mos – Ethan
    And don’t forget how he can call the guineas…………..

  3. Grandpa Joe permalink
    July 27, 2012

    Great Pic of Ethan and Stu.
    A Titanic Photo

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