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Ethan: 18 Months Old

2012 July 2
by Becky

We are doing the final prep for our trip to Western Nebraska, namely Scottsbluff, for Erika’s wedding!!!!!!!!

Ethan and I spent today cleaning, packing, doing laundry, visting the park and gym, plus a quick play date with new friends.

In the midst of it all, I’m late in making a Monday post, but it’s a good one! After all, Little Man has hit yet another milestone…

hanging out with the ducks at National Harbor Beach

18 months—that’s 1.5 years people!

And I’m becoming all the more convinced that a month in baby time is like a year in big-people time. I look at videos or pictures from just six months ago and can’t believe all the growing and developing Ethan has done since he turned one.

So let’s start with his love for food…

Ethan is one hungry kid. His daily meal plan looks something like this:

– a handfull (at least) of blueberries
– one-egg omelette with turkey and cheese (OR one pancake OR one bowl of oatmeal with
honey and dried cranberries)
another few pieces of fruit such as cantaloup, strawberries, or banana

– cheddar bunnies OR fruit bar OR dry cereal
– sippy of whole milk

– grapes
– grilled cheese OR peanut butter and jelly sandwich
– yogurt
– cheese stick

After-nap Snack
– fruit smoothie with some spinach and protein powder

– mac & cheese
– pre-shelled edamame
– slice of turkey lunchmeat
– 1-2 fig newtons

He LOVES ice cream, milk shakes, frozen yogurt, cake, cookies…ANYTHING sweet. He doesn’t get it a lot, but we let him indulge from time to time (like on visits to Shake Shack…yum!!). He’s also discovered dipping—chips with guacamole and french fries with ketchup are his favs.

Ethan and his buddy, Luke, devouring milkshakes

Ethan and I have “lunch dates” once a week or so. Sometimes it’s with friends, but sometimes it’s just the two of us. Since he’s so focused on food, his behavior in restaurants is impeccable, making him a very fun (and cheap!) date.

Date at Panera Bread—their mac & cheese is the BOMB.

He’s still doing plenty of snack stealing, see Exhibit A below—stealing an almost-one-year-old’s snack by approaching through the baby pool. (That’s not Dewey, it’s my friend Kristan’s puggle, Kona. She was waiting for something to hit the ground.)

Exhibit A

Ok, on to non-food topics.

As of yesterday, Ethan knows eight body parts and will point to them when you ask. They include nose, ear, mouth, hair, arm, feet, legs, and hands. He occasionally gets eyes and chin, but it’s not consistant. I finally got a video of him pointing to body parts…he was trapped in the car and couldn’t run away.

He wants to ride EVERYTHING. When we go to the park, he heads for the riding toys first, especially the little rocking horses. The teeter-totter is also a popular activity. When he started to “ride” his Little People farm at home, I ordered him a “Rody” horse, on which he has a blast bouncing.

Top of the teeter-totter at the Royal Street Tot Park

Pulling the alligator Aunt Amy got him for his birthday is one of his favorite “around the house” activities. He also likes to torture play with dewey, anything with water, balls, bubbles, and climbing.

Speaking of climbing…

Yes, to Dewey’s great distain, Ethan is now capable of getting on the couch all by himself. No more rest for lazy dog! Every chance he gets, Ethan is tackling Dewey on the couch. Little Man loves his doggy buddy.

He gets plenty of climbing practice at Gymboree…in fact, I’m pretty sure Gymboree is the reason I can’t keep The Peanut off of every stair, railing, rock, or piece of furniture he sees.

 Pointing is a big thing these days. We ask Ethan LOTS of questions because he usually knows ALL the answers. Like “Where are the ducks?” Point. “Where is the boat?” Point. “Where is Luke?” Point. We do this a lot on walks around the neighborhood. That little finger juts out of the stroller like lightening, confidently pinpointing the requested item.

His favorite things to talk about are birds, airplanes, sticks, and boats. He sees any one of these things, you are hearing about it. He could pick up sticks ALL day. He talks about them as he’s collecting and, when its time to put them down, he waves goodbye—he gets pretty attached.

Oh, and you may be noticing the bandana look lately. It’s due to his uncontrollable drooling that comes with the molars he’s bee working on for weeks now. I think he’s too old for bibs, so we’re doing the “Western” look. I love it.

He’s weighing in just under 22lbs and is 31 inches tall. Yep, he’s pretty small in terms of a full term 18 month old, but he still has more “catching up” time (until he’s two, one year per month prematureand with his amazing appetite, he should be on track soon. We just now had to buy him a new car seat…stay tuned for info about which on we chose!

So that’s Ethan at 1.5 years old! I know I’m his mom and kind of have to say this stuff, but I really mean it when I say he is the sweetest, most wonderful boy…we couldn’t ask for a better kiddo. I can’t wait to see what is to come in the next six months!

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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    July 3, 2012

    Love the video’s and the daily doings of Ethan. I cannot believe he is 18 months old!!

    Annette comes next week and I can use some menu planning. So I appreciate you adding Ethan’s daily diet. (being single I don’t cook much for myself).

    Also, there are plenty of big old tree’s here that shed sticks ALL THE TIME!! Can Ethan come and pick up sticks?
    Have fun in the bluffs and at Erica’s wedding.

  2. Amy Kohlhepp permalink
    July 5, 2012

    Yay! Glad he likes the alligator! When I saw it for some reason I could totally picture him dragging it around..even tho he wasn’t walking yet when I got still seemed like an Ethan thing :) Wish we could see you all when we are in NE. Enjoy!

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