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Eight Weeks Post Op & Quarantine Life

2020 April 18
by Becky

How the heck has it been EIGHT weeks since my surgery? It feels like five years probably because we’ve been in quarantine since week three and the world has been on pause.

I can’t complain too much though, sure my mood gets duller by the day because I thrive on plans and interacting with people, but we have a comfy house and food in the fridge and our health. We’re lucky.

So what’s life like these days? Well even though we were one of the first school districts in the country to shut down, very few plans were in place. A couple workbooks and suggestions went home and that was it for a month. Not all families have access to devices and internet so the district was scrambling to figure out a way to keep all students equally engaged. Finally, just last week, the district got a donation of devices and has had time to get them to families, so things are picking up and I foresee more curriculum and lessons coming Ethan’s way. Since the shut down we’ve been doing as much as we can—reading, writing, typing practice, and any science stuff I can think of.

We’ve planted seeds and tracked their progress (snap peas and radishes are super fast to sprout!), made a lava lamp, checked out Seattle Aquarium videos and materials, watched caterpillars turn into chrysalides, and taken lots of nature walks in the neighborhood. Hikes are still on the table so we’ve ventured out to some new parks on weekends. We’ve done a lot of puzzles, those count as science, right?

There’s even been a bit of shop class these days as we take on our biggest quarantine adventure—building a chicken coop for our new baby chickens! We’ve done this before, but this time we went a bit bigger. I’m so glad I found a farm with chicks when so many farms cancelled shipments due to quarantine. We couldn’t go another year without chickens!!

More on them later…

Finn’s preschool has been very active, sending us videos of the teachers reading fun stories, ideas for fun provocations, and they have a weekly meeting on Zoom. We send them pictures of what we’re doing so they can put together a weekly newsletter—it’s adorable. They are so committed to these kids and it’s amazing since Finn misses them! Fingers crossed his school reopens in June.

Finn SO happy to see his favorite teacher and her cat.

There must be some correlation between quarantine and teeth falling out because Finn has lost BOTH his front teeth which is still amusing every time he smiles. Just like big brother, he lost his teeth early which means he probably won’t get new ones for over a year.

As for our daily routine, there really isn’t one. The boys hang with Legos and cartoons for a while in the morning because they insist on waking up at 6:30am…not necessary when there’s no where to be! We do breakfast and I try to either walk on the treadmill or do a Barre3 online class, though I never feel like doing either. I’m happy to say I have almost full range of motion back in my arms and no pain when working out. I stick with light weights and no pushups. Then I get Ethan started on 1.5-2 hours of school stuff while entertaining Finn with a puzzle or drawing or playing outside because he apparently cannot entertain himself for more than 2 minutes. It makes explaining things to Ethan tough but he’s pretty independent so that helps.

I can definitively say I am not cut out for homeschooling.

Stu was working home for a while but is now back to half days at work, half days at home. At least he’s been able to take calls on the back porch in the glorious Spring sunshine and is always ready to play catch or take a walk when work is done. It has been SO GORGEOUS here, I’ve already forgotten about the grey of winter! (To be honest, the winter drizzles didn’t really bother us much and this weather is worth every second of misty skies.)

I’ve also been having “meetings” on Zoom/Facetime/Skype with friends from all over the place. Since we’re all in the same boat, I’m even able to join in on book club gatherings in cities far away which is really fun. I played Cards Against Humanity with a few Old Town friends yesterday and it was a blast. I’m hoping this communication thing sticks after quarantine because I’ve connected with long distance friends more than ever and it’s really great.

Brownies and blondies ready to be packed up and delivered to a customer

Though times are weird, my home based dessert business, Flour Lane Bake Shop, is open and taking orders. A year ago I decided to start my own thing and it’s been non-stop road blocks ever since: moving across the country, cancer, and now coronavirus. But people seem to be VERY interested in having delicious baked goods delivered to their homes and celebrations can’t stop just because we can’t have parties! So I’ve been sending cakes and brownies and other goodies out the door and plan to do more every week.

I hope everyone is staying safe and staying home and here’s hoping this will be over soon! Stay tuned for chicken stories next post…

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