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Eggs and Bunnies

2016 March 27
by Becky


Happy Easter!

Just yesterday we returned from a week away, Spring Break in Florida, and woke up to find the Easter Bunny had paid us a visit.  Good thing he’s so prepared…




We had the Newbie and the Pro out in the back yard on this beautiful sunny morning, one with a basket full of rattling eggs, the other an empty basket, not wanting to wait a second before popping open each vessel to stuff the treat in his tiny face. Finn was covered with pastel chocolatey drool by the time we started confiscating each found egg…he was actually a great sport about it.

I went a little overkill on the candy, as usual, I don’t know what comes over me at holidays. I can’t stand Peeps but found myself buying some that were sour watermelon flavored (Ethan’s REALLY into sour stuff) and old-school Brachs jelly beans and Cadbury eggs and a giant white chocolate bunny. Making it as close to my childhood baskets as possible (although my mom never exposed me to Peeps…maybe that’s why I think they are SO gross). A throw-back must is the licorice flavored jelly bean—something most kids hate but I did and always will love.



Ethan made sure to share his Peeps with Finn who, before seeing his idol take a bite, had no interest in the squishy green blobs. Whatever brother does…

Before leaving for our trip we made sure to dye eggs, an Easter tradition we established way back when Ethan was way too little to be handling any staining components whatsoever. He’s mastered the art since then.



To Ethan’s absolute delight, Finn was quarantined to the high chair, distracted by a snack, and the cups of liquid color were left to do their job. Eggs waited all week, nestled in the fridge, to be hidden today.

After our hunt and candy bing we enjoyed an indulgent breakfast at Rooster, our favorite neighborhood eatery, and a walk through the budding trees in Tower Grove Park. Pretty darn perfect.


And then it was whatever shenanigans we thought up afterwards. The stuffed bunny in Finn’s basket was a huge hit. Cars were washed, suitcases unpacked, photos were edited, grass was mowed.


We may have ended the day with a movie—so we could fold the mountains of vacation laundry and sit on the couch for a few minutes—and that movie may have been Jurassic World. Parenting choices questionable sure, but one five year old is TOTALLY PUMPED about it.

Finn sang along with the theme song.

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  1. March 28, 2016

    Looks like a perfect Easter Day. Brings back great memories of our Easters.

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