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Dino Vs. Chicken

2015 October 27
by Becky

We continue full steam into cold weather, getting spoiled this fall by soaking up every sunny moment. It’s been downright spring-like here, cool in the mornings and hot in the afternoons—I drop Ethan off in sweatshirts and hats but pick up in shorts. The trees are in spectacular form, red, gold, and blazing orange.

Ignoring the dreary weather report, we parlayed Stu’s surprise Friday off into a full weekend of trips to the pumpkin patch AND trick or treating at the Botanical Garden, a birthday party, bike rides, and a grown-up Halloween party.

Pri-tay, pri-tay…pri-tay good little weekend.


Ethan got to test drive his T-Rex costume while Finn was squeezed into an almost-too-small hand-me-down chicken. It was this or a turtle and this was warmer. This marked Finn’s first trick or treating, first costume, and first solo ride on the MOBOT sheep—a mandatory stop on any trip through the garden. This was our first time attending “Ghouls in the Garden”, we’re huge fans of MOBOT events, but this was eh. Really long lines for very little candy. Ethan was a good sport and didn’t mind skipping a few stations, it was a gorgeous day to be a dinosaur.


This costume is kind of over the top. We scoured the web for the best T-Rex and this one from Catching Fireflies was definitely the top choice. We got our shark costume there two years ago (also worn last year) and the quality is amazing, the cuteness out of control. Ethan loved that if he nodded his head the right way, it looked like his massive jaws were chomping something…like an innocent chicken.


This got quite the laugh, I love Finn’s face. Ethan kept referring to him as the “dinosaur snack”.

Thies Farm was our pumpkin patch choice. Early Friday morning we had the place to ourselves. Ethan was a zip-lining fool while Finn was content climbing anything covered in hay.




More firsts for Finn. First pumpkin patch, first hay ride, first corn maze. Ethan has become our dare-devil, he’s up for anything. Pitch black hay bail tunnels, jerky zip lines, fast slides…Mr. Cautious is a thing of the past.


Thies is small but full of fun, perfectly for keeping track of two kiddos. Both boys were happily exhausted after an hour of crawling/running.

Our October has been jam-packed but it’s not done. This week FINN TURNS ONE!!! Everything I’ve done this month reminds me of how pregnant I was when I did it last year. But we are so ready for this birthday. Our boy is every bit a one year old and we can’t wait to celebrate!! I’ll be posting his one year video and the final photo project later this week…if my computer can make it that long without melting down. It’s been a rough technology week.

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  1. Linda Johnson permalink
    October 27, 2015

    I love Ethan as T-Rex! Great costume choice and little Finn is so cute as a chicken.
    Great Pictures as always. Enjoy Finn’s first birthday and I cannot wait to see the video and pictures.

  2. October 27, 2015

    We leave tomorrow for St. Louis-it’s finally here. Let the partying begin.

  3. October 27, 2015

    Adorable costumes, and pictures.

    Frances loves the Chasing Fireflies catalog. She found a glowing fairy in there she wanted to be but it was $200, so I told her to make her own. :) And she did, using her battery operated LED tent lights! We’ll see how it comes together this weekend.

    I did buy a sock monkey costume there once, and it was so cute. I justified the expense by knowing she would wear the sweater part for a couple of winters, and the hat for even longer. One of my favorite purchases ever.
    Kristin recently posted..wednesday morning in the gardenMy Profile

    • Becky permalink*
      October 27, 2015

      Very cute! And just to be sure no one thinks I’m nuts, this costume was well under $100. The girl dresses in the catalog are crazy-town expensive!! $200!!??

      • October 28, 2015

        Yes – I think the dress itself was under $100, but all the accessories that make it a costume added up to over $200. Like you’re going to be a fairy without the wings, etc?

        The sock monkey was a long time ago, but I remember it was probably $80. I looked but they don’t have it anymore. Too bad, it was so cute. And such a cute sweater and hat. I found the pictures on my blog:

        The sweater was big enough that she got to wear it the next winter too, and we joke that the hat just stretches with her, because she still wears it to this day (when she’s not in that Hershey kiss shaped knitted hat!)
        Kristin recently posted..sparkling pear punch (in the gut)My Profile

        • Becky permalink*
          October 28, 2015

          She is the cutest! Being able to wear things for a long time is the best!

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