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NICU—Days Ten & Eleven

2011 January 9
by bvoboril

That’s right!  We are putting Saturday and Sunday together, because news-wise, things are pretty quiet.

Ethan is continuing to take down his food better at every feeding.  He barely spits up any at all.  And he is HUNGRY!  Even though he’s eating 35 ml of fortified breast milk every three hours, he starts getting hungry at least 30 – 45 minutes before it’s time to eat.  This is a great sign, as two days ago he was having all little trouble (nothing of concern, perfectly normal) keeping all of the food down.

Now we just visit and enjoy being with Ethan…there is no need to be in a constant state of worry (although it is hard not to worry).  The nurses just leave us alone while we hold and talk to him.  They all just love him and can’t stop coming in and telling us about how cute he is.  He’s a pretty easy patient, so that probably adds to his cuteness.

Here are some pictures from Saturday: 

Wide awake and happy!

Hangin’ with Dad

Sleeping with a full belly

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  1. LInda Johnson permalink
    January 10, 2011

    Ehtan is just too cute and growing everyday. I love his blanket and the color matches his hair. Yep, that one beautiful baby boy…
    love ya all

  2. Jana permalink
    January 12, 2011

    This is one beautiful and happy baby boy! You guys are great parents and these pictures are just so precious. You will love going back and looking at them when Ethan is bigger.

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